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Ginella’s Journey to the Myrtle Beach Golf Scene: Off-Course Fun at Huntington Beach State Park

Golf Channel’s “Matty G,” Matt Ginella, took his “Ginella’s Journeys” series recently to Myrtle Beach. When he wasn’t on the golf course, he was having plenty of fun exploring the Grand Strand’s plentiful outdoor activities. In this segment, Matty G visits a South Strand masterpiece: Huntington Beach State Park. Segment begins at the 2:00 mark in the video.

Matt Ginella: There was no better place to continue to work on my swing than one of my favorite courses on the Grand Strand, the Heritage Club. With more than 50,000 annual rounds, I'm not alone in my appreciation of the value, setting, and the 18th hole, but Myrtle Beach isn't all golf. The off course options can also be enlightening. J.W., where are we right now?

J.W. Weatherford: We're at Huntington Beach State Park. This is one of the 47 state parks in the South Carolina State Park Service.

Matt Ginella: How big is the property?

J.W. Weatherford: We have 2,500 acres. That includes three miles of coast and a large percentage of our park is salt marsh.

Matt Ginella: I would imagine that this is pretty popular for families, kids on days like today.

J.W. Weatherford: Yeah we have 140 campsites, you've got the Atlantic Ocean so you've got all day to lay out, fly kites, swim, fish in the ocean. We've got a national historic landmark which is Atalaya, the winter home of the Huntington's. We have a nature center which is designed specifically for school age children to learn about the natural resources that they're in. Wildlife viewing is really big here. We've got lots of alligators and over 300 different species of birds have been registered here. All of that is what the families will see when they come here.

Matt Ginella: Can I try on your hat?

J.W. Weatherford: As long as I can use yours.

Matt Ginella: Yeah, we'll switch around.

J.W. Weatherford: There you go. Looks good.

Matt Ginella: It does look good. Can I take this?

J.W. Weatherford: You cannot take that.

Matt Ginella: Can I take your badge?

J.W. Weatherford: No, that's seventy-five dollars, part of my uniform allotment.

Matt Ginella: Handcuffs?

J.W. Weatherford: I could give you a set of handcuffs. They'll be pink and fuzzy.

Matt Ginella: Pink and fuzzy?

J.W. Weatherford: Yeah.

Matt Ginella: I'll pass.

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