Fun Retail Options For Your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

Meredith:           Joining me is Director of Retail, Casey Cook, with Founders Group International. Casey, tell us a little bit about what golfers can find when they come down to play golf in Myrtle Beach.

Casey:                   Well, actually, when they come down on their package, we try to offer a wide variety of pretty much everything golf related in the golf shops. Naturally, being this close to the beach, one of the most common, forgotten items when they come down would be their sunglasses.

Meredith:           Those are very cool.

Casey:                   So we do stock sunglasses in all of the golf shops. Most of the time we’ve gone upgrade with Oakley to offer a little bit different lens, just made specifically for golf. So a lot of the guys that once they try the lens on, realize it brightens everything up and they’re more apt to purchase because it’s a whole lot easier to play golf in a pair of Oakley sunglasses with the correct golf lens.

Meredith:           Right. And it’s so cool that Oakley now has these lenses for golfers. So very cool.

Casey:                   Yeah. Absolutely. The next thing you’re always going to find, naturally, being at the beach, hats. Most of our operators design hats, custom design hats to their liking. Colors, logos, all of that stuff. A lot of stuff is put into the hats. No golfer can have too many hats. I play golf, I have thousands of hats at home.

Meredith:           I do, too. And I love this too …

Casey:                   It’s always great.

Meredith:           … because it has that breathable netting which has really become so popular.

Casey:                   Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yes.

And then we’re always going to have ladies’ stuff. And it looks like from the looks of it, Meredith, I think you picked out the ladies’ stuff today.

Meredith:           I sure did. So one of my favorite shoes that I saw is the Puma. And these are so cool. Look at, nice and silver. This is really in this fall and spring of 2018. This is a hot new color. So, ladies, very cool. So I did have to pick those out, Casey.Then you also have the plain white, too. And these are great because you were telling me earlier that you can wear these outside of golf, too. So if you’re going shopping or you’re just running errands, then you can actually slide these on, too. It’s not just for golf, now. Right?

Casey:                   No. Not at all.

Meredith:           Okay. So this golf bag is really cool.

Casey:                   Yeah.

Meredith:           Tell us a little bit about it.

Casey:                   Absolutely. This is a new bag that Callaway has put out with a purchase of Ogio, that’s a golf bag company. If you look at the top of the bag, it’s got lockable compartments …

Meredith:           Yes, it’s so..

Casey:                   … so the clubs will not slide out when they put in. They lock in. On the back of the cart the clubs don’t rattle around, get banged up against each other.

Meredith:           This is the coolest design I have seen, yet, for a golf bag.

Casey:                   Absolutely. And especially if you travel. Airfare, stuff like, that. Constantly breaking golf clubs.

Meredith:           Right.

Casey:                   Damaging golf clubs. This is going to eliminate a lot of that issue, too.

Meredith:           I love it! This is amazing, right here. Loving that product. And then, lastly, we have … I grabbed a few of the ladies’ line.

Casey:                   No problem.

Meredith:           Yeah.

Casey:                   I figured you would.

Meredith:           I did. So with those really cool Puma shoes, grabbed a very cute skirt here. Silver. Again, very in here. I love this and I love the feel of this material. Also grabbed a black one here, too. And I love how lightweight these skorts have because. So ladies are now wearing skorts just out and about. Again, not just playing golf, but …

Casey:                   Oh, absolutely.

Meredith:           … very cute stuff. And then we have Antigua line.

Casey:                   Absolutely. One of your favorites.

Meredith:           Yes.

Casey:                   You’re wearing some of it today.

Meredith:           Yes. Love Antigua. Yeah. Very comfortable. And this is called the “Lucky in Love” line, which I think is really cool. And so you can find these at the pro shops here in Myrtle Beach when you’re playing your next round of golf here. Very lightweight. And I’m sure you have found, being the Director of Retail, you’re working with a lot of women coming in, asking for different products …

Casey:                   Absolutely.

Meredith:           … and I’m sure you hear a lot of positive response about how lightweight the products have become. Not just for the ladies but for men as well, the material.

Casey:                   Yeah. Absolutely. Most of what everyone’s looking for now that’s comes in most of the products is the SPF. Most of the ladies’ products that we will have in our shops will be rated SPF 30. So not only are you getting a cool new piece, you’re also getting some sun protection, as well.

Meredith:           And I love that. That’s very cool. And some of these pieces are so lightweight with that SPF, that you can actually wear them in the summer if you’re wanting to protect your arms as well and still not get too hot here in the Myrtle Beach weather when you’re playing golf here in the summer.

Casey:                   Absolutely.

Meredith:           So. Alright, Casey. Thank you so much for showing us these hot new products that you can find on your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

And to book your next vacation here, you can go to And also, you need to check our our rewards package. If you book four rounds of golf, you can get a $100 gift card. Which is great, because, Casey, they can use that gift card on these products that we have just shown you here today. So again, go to

Casey, thank you so much for showing us these hot new products. And we hope that you have the best Myrtle Beach golf trip ever next time you come down and visit us here.