Five Ways You Benefit From Booking Your Fall Myrtle Beach Golf Trip Early

For many, the spring golf season is still in full flight but forward-thinking group leaders are already planning their fall trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

That’s right; it’s definitely not too early to begin planning and booking your autumn trip and here are five unassailable reasons why.

– The golf boom is real and it hasn’t slowed, meaning you will be rewarded with premium tee times on the courses you most want to play. It’s especially important to book early if you are traveling with a group of 12+. As tee sheets fill, finding consecutive tee times becomes increasingly difficult, so get a jump on the process. The days of waiting until the last minute to book are over.

– Myrtle Beach golf courses reward players who book early with greater savings. Think of it this way: you don’t wait until the last minute to book a flight, and the same applies to a golf trip. The earlier you book, the cheaper the prices so go ahead and secure tee times on your favorite courses.

– With average high temperatures in the 70s and the summer humidity having receded, the time period from mid-September through mid-November is nearly perfect for a Myrtle Beach golf trip. For our friends in the Northeast and Midwest, it’s also a final opportunity to enjoy great weather, great friends and great golf before Mother Nature forces you to put the club’s away for the winter

– Planning and booking early makes everything run a little smoother. Once you’ve selected dates and an itinerary, securing commitments becomes easier and the banter among friends more frequent, and that’s part of the fun. What happens on the ground is the biggest part of a trip but the anticipation is also part of the experience and that begins in earnest when your plans are in place.

– Last but certainly not least, life is short. If time and resources allow, take the opportunity to do something you enjoy with friends. The weather will be ideal, Myrtle Beach delivers great golf and value, and trips create memories that last a lifetime.

Work will always be there for you when you get back, so enjoy a Myrtle Beach golf trip this fall.

We hope to see you on the first tee.

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(Top photo Grande Dunes Resort Club, Tradition Golf Club pictured right from our Instagram Account @myrtlebeachgolftrips)