Five Vital Factors In Every Great Golf Trip

What makes a golf trip great? The answer is a little different for each group but there are common factors in nearly all successful trips.

Here are the building blocks that will help make your next golf vacation unforgettable:

-People are the most important component of every golf trip. If you are taking vacation with friends, you are going to have a good time almost no matter the situation. If you are traveling with a larger group, as is often the case, you won’t be close with everyone and that’s okay, so long as you regard them as good people. Simple as it may sound, make sure you like the folks you are traveling with. If you don’t, find another group

-Planning still matters. From the budget and the type of courses you play to daily pairings and off-course activities, details are what can make a good trip a great one. It’s amazing how quickly middle-aged men can turn into elementary schoolers awaiting direction – “What time do we tee off?” “Where are we going after golf?” “Can I get an early check-in?” Organization and good, pre-trip planning will help ensure everything runs smoothly.

-The golf matters – a lot. Great golf and value mean different things to different groups, and it doesn’t matter where you fall on the spectrum, just make sure you are in the right spot. Fortunately for Myrtle Beach golfers, the area is home to 80 + courses and is the rare destination that has the ability to be all things to all people.

-This is much more subjective, but play for something. Whether it’s a “green” jacket, a trophy or a Ryder Cup-style match, a prize maximizes the fun of a trip. It gives you something to talk about – both before and after the trip – and over time it helps create a history of sorts people will enjoy reliving. If your group doesn’t already do so, find a trophy.

-Last but not least, a great golf director. We are fortunate in Myrtle Beach as the men and women who help plan and book your trip live here. They know the area golf scene as well as anyone – it’s their job after all – and that matters. As an example, the team at has more than 45 years of experience booking golf vacations. A great golf director doesn’t just ask how many nights and how many rounds. He or she will ask about your group’s collective skill level, budget and stomach for driving, among many other things. Those questions, taken individually, may seem inconsequential, but the answers, in the hands of a golf director, can help make your next trip the best one yet!

We hope you are able to take a 2023 golf trip and have a blast.