Five Things You Will Love About Spring Golf in Myrtle Beach

It’s March, temperatures are in the 70s, and on many days, tee sheets are full. Spring has arrived along the Myrtle Beach golf scene, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

True, winters in Myrtle Beach aren’t exactly brutal, but everything is relative and who doesn’t love the transition to warmer weather?

Matter of fact, here are five things we most look forward to each spring and think you will too:

1. Arriving at the course in shorts and a light quarter zip pullover, knowing it will come off by the fourth hole. Despite what you see on TV, golf is a game best played in shorts and that becomes the norm at this time of year.

2. Eating in the great outdoors is one of life’s simple pleasures, so sitting outside along the Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet, enjoying a cold beverage and a meal is a must if you are playing anywhere along the South Strand. The views overlooking the Inlet are stunning and the food is outstanding.

3. This one is easy: blooming azaleas. You’ve seen them on TV at Augusta National, but there is something about seeing azaleas in person. The sixth hole at Caledonia and No. 13 at Arcadian Shores come immediately to mind when thinking about holes that showcase golf’s most popular flower. The vibrant color is a reminder of the rebirth of spring and the good times that await.

4. The return of daylight savings time. Nothing is more depressing than darkness at 5:30 p.m. (Hats off to our friends in Alaska where darkness consumes much of the day during the winter months. I couldn’t do it). The additional daylight also allows for the possibility of playing 36 in mid-March, a win for everyone.

5. Playing more golf means you are spending more time with friends, a welcome development after a couple months of cabin fever. Matter of fact, that time spent with friends is the most underrated component of a Myrtle Beach golf trip.

For most of America, spring is a time of optimism, heralding the end of the winter and the coming of summer, but for golfers, it’s the perfect time of year to take a trip to Myrtle Beach.

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