Five Reasons You Owe it to Yourself to Take a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

Golf vacations, especially in Myrtle Beach, take many different forms, but whether it’s just you and a friend or you’re part of a group of 32, a buddies trip is one of the highlights of the annual calendar.

If you are wrestling with whether to go on a golf junket (or start your own group), here are the top 5 reasons to take a Myrtle Beach golf trip.

– A primary reason is the opportunity to spend a couple days with friends. As we age, time is often our most precious commodity. Between work, family and theMyrtle Beach National Golf Club various demands life requires of us, free time is hard to come by. A golf trip provides responsibility free days to renew old acquaintances and potentially make a few new ones. There isn’t a dollar figure that can be placed on that opportunity.

– Want to go to happy hour at 2 p.m.? By all means, do so. Make a last-minute decision to play 36? You don’t need to call home and ask if you can push back dinner reservations. That kind of freedom, even if only for a few days, is a treat.

– Not to be overlooked is the chance to play as much golf as you want on courses that differ from the ones you challenge every weekend at home. In Myrtle Beach, that means the opportunity to play the game you love on 90 courses. Whether you want to experience top 100 layouts or enjoy the area’s abundant middle class, it’s all available on a Myrtle Beach golf trip.

– A golf vacation is a chance to travel, providing a break from the day-to-day routine at home. We all like to play new courses, eat in new restaurants and generally enjoy a different setting and Myrtle Beach, with its coastal scenery, varied layouts and assortment of attractions, is an ideal destination.

– This one is really simple – a golf vacation is a great time! Golf, friends, freedom; put it all together and a trip to Myrtle Beach is guaranteed to deliver a memorable weekend.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your next Myrtle Beach golf trip!

(top photo, golfers putting at Pine Lakes Country Club)

(side photo, Myrtle Beach National Golf Club)