Barefoot Landing, Broadway at the Beach or Market Common?

The idea of the one-stop shop has found an ever-present home along South Carolina’s Grand Strand.

Three times, actually.

In Market Common, Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach have a trio of sprawling acreages meant to draw you in and keep you there. Each site covers every base – from food to fun.

We’re not necessarily telling you to pick one over the other. Instead, we wanted to give you the information you needed to encourage you to try out all three and decide for yourself.

About the property: Although it was originally much smaller shopping center, the current rendition of North Myrtle Beach’s Barefoot Landing launched in 1988 along the Intracoastal Waterway. Sixteen sit-down restaurants and dozens of shops and a handful of entertainment-driven businesses all co-exist to provide visitors a full day.

Dining pick: LuLu’s found a way to add a beach-inspired joint that wasn’t cliche when it opened along the backside of Barefoot in 2018. There’s plenty of outdoorLulus North Myrtle Beach room for groups (or kids) to roam and a large single-room indoor space that never feels cramped. The food is pretty stout, too.

Entertainment pick: Some of the best musical acts in the world have deals with the House of Blues brand. And the only House of Blues within this neck of the woods is parked at Barefoot. In between top artists, HOB mixes in cover bands, live music on the outdoor deck and various themed parties.

About the property: Opened in 1995, Broadway and its central-Myrtle Beach site immediate became a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. It’s been imagined and re-imagined several times over since then, but it has held on to a core principle that it can be all-in-one locale that covers every base – from food to drinks to play.

Dining pick: King Kong Sushi was already rocking a Carolina Forest location when it decided to open a second at Broadway in 2009. Since then, those with big appetites for top-notch sushi and its adjoining supplements have found something special.

Entertainment pick: While the bar scene at Broadway often takes center stage, it’s hard to ignore Ripley’s Aquarium. Jellyfish, pirate and penguin exhibitsRipley's Aquarium Myrtle Beach complement the long-standing shark and exotic fish tunnel. For added fees, swim-alongs and glass-bottom boat rides are also available.

About the property: The newest of the trio started to come to life in 2008, when its initial venues opened their doors along the southernmost tip of city limits. Clearly, the biggest difference from this district’s two predecessors is that it’s considered a work-live zone, meaning townhouses and condos are nestled amid the restaurants and shops.

Dining pick: Crepe Creation is the penultimate Market Common restaurant. Not to be misconstrued by its breakfast-inspired moniker, this recently expanded venue takes care of every taste bud and even includes a top-notch wine menu.

Entertainment pick: The bevy of festivals that happen at both Valor Garden (directly across Howard Avenue from Tupelo Honey) and at Grand Park are almost always free and family friendly. From St. Patrick’s Day to art fairs, Market Common definitely knows how to take advantage of spring and fall weather. (Market Common top photo)