5 FAQs About Long Bay’s New Greens And What They Mean For Your Trip

Long Bay Golf Club reopened August 14 with new greens, ensuring the Jack Nicklaus design will remain among the area’s most popular, but how will the project impact your Myrtle Beach golf trip? Here are the answers to five frequently asked questions:

What’s the first thing you will notice upon your return to Long Bay?
This one is easy. If you have previously played the course, you will immediately notice how much bigger the greens are. When it closed in May, Long Bay had 66,000 square feet of putting surface; now there is just over 110,000 square feet, meaning the greens are 66 percent larger in August than they were in May.

Why do larger greens matter for your experience?
The increase in size has dramatically expanded the number of pinnable areas, making for a more creative and enjoyable layout, but there is another, more subtle, benefit that will be revealed over time. More pinnable areas allows the Long Bay staff to distribute wear on the greens, leading to improved conditions. That’s a win for everyone.

What kind of grass has been used?
Long Bay has installed TifEagle bermudagrass greens, an ultradwarf strain that allows for a tight mow and smooth, fast surfaces. Isn’t TifEagle one of the older strains of bermuda, you ask? Yes, it has been around longer than some of its sister strains, but it has proven to be most resistant to mutations. Do you know what that means? Better, more consistent greens over a longer period of time. The Founders Group International agronomy team has closely studied the various strains of bermuda and TifEagle has emerged as the go-to grass.

What can you expect at Long Bay this fall?
The greens will be firm, as all new putting surfaces are. They will also be fast and getting better every day as the heart of the fall season arrives. Long Bay is ready to welcome golfers back.

What’s the best way to book a round at Long Bay?
Book directly at MyrtleBeachGolfTrips.com but if you are part of a larger group, we’d highly recommend playing the course as part of the Founders Group All-Inclusive package, allowing you to include lunch and two drafts beers (or soft drinks) as part of your day.

If you have additional questions about Long Bay and its new greens, don’t hesitate to ask.

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