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Episode #28: My Days Hustling on The Beverage Cart 01/18/2021

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LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk is joined by golf writer Chris King to discuss Meredith’s “hustling” days from early in her career on the beverage cart. Good conversation about golf gambling and some fun games to play with your golf buddies

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Show Notes (Time stamped for quick reference)

Start to :32               IntroductionMeredith on Beverage Cart

:33                              Chris introduces the topic of golf and gambling

2:04                            Meredith talks about her time “hustling” as a junior golfer (9 years old) family background,                                           time at the golf course

8:22                            The college years and working the beverage cart, hustling for more sales

20:10                          Better Under Pressure

21:52                           Meeting good people, making connections

22:18                           Games with friends, keeping the game interesting

23:32                           Specific games to play that are fun

26:33                           Chris’ golf group “Ryder Cup” formatChris King Helltown Classic Belt

28:51                            Chris winning the 2020 “Helltown Classic” Belt

31:42                             Playing better under the pressure?

37:01                             Myrtle Beach golf groups playing for something, passing the trophy

37:49                            A game to play to help with concentration

39:48                            Recommended fun games to play with your buddies








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