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Episode #37: Late Night Special Band Lead Singer Fred Heintz 08/16/2021

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View Full Transcript Ambassador Meredith Kirk is joined by the talented front man of the Band “Late Night Special” and golf enthusiast Fred Heintz!

Show Notes/Time Stamp

To :23                   Intro from Litchfield Country Club

:24                        The venues in Myrtle Beach that Fred plays at

1:53                      How Meredith and Fred connected, his golf game

4:14                      Playing football, chance to play collegiate

5:38                      When golf wasn’t cool, how it’s changed

7:28                      Getting into music at a late age and Fred’s music journey

10:47                    The process of writing songs

11:39                    Open mic days

12:27                    Getting started in Charlotte North Carolina

13:14                    First full band show at House of Blues Myrtle Beach, building a band

14:20                    Building the show “The Shakedown”

16:17                    Meredith on hidden gifts and talents

17:45                    Not giving up on learning an instrument

21:48                    Pursuing a music career with a family

22:42                    The thought that something big was going to happen, and it did

24:38                    Playing solo in front of 20,000 people in Dallas

26:55                    How nerves effect a musician/performer

29:52                    Releasing an album, going to Nashville, The Rootz

31:54                    Taking it serious

32:07                    Fred’s timeline and getting into the food truck business

33:07                    Performing in Myrtle Beach, deciding on music being full time

33:52                    An idol giving confidence and confirmation

34:34                    The musical food cart

35:44                    Following the tour bus idea

38:19                    Mixing golf with music career, giving it up for 2 years because of the shanks

40:38                    Realizing most people don’t play “legit” and making time for the game

41:26                    Working out while playing golf and walking

42:14                    Fred’s lesson with Meredith and her thoughts on his game

44:04                    The nerves in golf, having mental stamina and a routine

47:13                    Aim and alignment tip

48:16                    Going back to the fundamentals of golf and importance of pre-shot routine

51:31                    The musicians schedule, not having a daily routine

54:09                    Ways to follow Fred and the Band—music and upcoming shows:

                              Click Here for Facebook Page

                              Click Here for Instagram

54:58                    Guests on the Pat McAfee show

55:44                    New Album! “Dance the Night Away” and other new releases upcoming

58:08                    Fred’s favorite Myrtle Beach golf course

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