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Episode #35: How I Fell in Love With Golf Again 06/04/2021

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Meredith is joined by Bob Seganti, PGA General Manager of Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and True Blue. Bob gives his perspective of how he like so many have fallen in love with playing golf again. Some great insight on how to spark a new love affair with the game!

Show Notes/Time Stamp

To: 40    Introduction

:41         The amazing view on the veranda at Caledonia

1:14       How Bob got into the golf business, first experience in Caledonia, background

4:39       Bob’s philosophy on being a successful general manager—some great advice on advancement!

9:36       Why people get into the golf business—Love of the Game!

10:28     Playing golf becoming back burner when in the business

10:58     How Bob fell in love with golf again how was his game when he re-discovered golf

12:34     Expectations being a PGA golf professional, making time to play

14:57     Bob’s new perspective on the game

16:06     Some great advice/perspective from his wife, Kick in the butt!

20:07     State of the game, getting better? Technology

22:40     Golf becoming a father and son experience

24:17     The effects of the last year on golf, growth of the sport

26:49     Does golf really take too long?

29:00     Golf industry professionals selling the positive aspects of golf, how it’s changed

30:00     Meredith’s experience over the past year, changes, social media “detoxing”

33:20     Thoughts on Phil Mickelson

34:14     Positivity, no time for negativity

35:12     New expectations, goals and “personal” par

37:35     Tips on how to fall in love with golf again

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