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Episode #42: Good Eats: Check Out These 3 Restaurants on Your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip 01/27/2022

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View Full Transcript Ambassador Meredith Kirk shares 3 restaurants that she recommends you check out on your next Myrtle Beach Golf Trip–some local inside information is always helpful!

Show Notes/Time Stamp

To :25    Introduction

:26         Quigley’s Pint and Plate with 2 locations—great food and microbrews!

3:36       Sarah J’s Seafood Restaurant in Garden City

6:21       Meredith’s recommendation on things to do in Garden City

7:58       Mango Thai Cuisine

10:19     Other Dining Options along the Grand Strand

13:57     Market Common Restaurants

15:19     Playing all of Myrtle Beach’s golf courses, is it possible?

17:14     Advice on how to schedule 2 courses per day (36 Holes)

19:30     Relying on a Golf Director to help plan the ultimate Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

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