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Episode #30: Coastal Carolina University Men's Head Golf Coach Jim Garren 03/18/2021

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Coastal Carolina University Men’s Head Golf Coach Jim Garren joins Myrtle Beach Golf Trips Ambassador Meredith Kirk for episode #30 of the Gimme Golf Podcast. Insightful conversation with Coach Garren about the responsibilities coaching a Division I program, his team and his coaching background which includes a national championship. Find out if another “Dustin Johnson” is on the horizon!

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Show Notes/Time Stamp

to :33                     Introduction

:34                          Recap of the 2021 General Hackler Collegiate Golf Championship

1:53                         Coastal Carolina’s Golf Team Overview 

6:12                         Coach Garren’s background including a National Championship at the University of Oklahoma!

9:25                         From Assistant Coach to Head Coach, the Transition and the Difference

11:11                         How Much Teaching vs. Coaching For a Division I Golf Coach

12:24                        Thoughts on the use of Technology/Trackman

13:34                        Is Myrtle Beach what Coach Garren Expected? Pros and Cons of the Area in Regards of Coaching

15:18                         Trying to change the paradigm of how people think about collegiate athletics 

18:17                         How can local businesses/community support the Coastal Carolina Golf program?

21:00                        Coach Garren’s success at Coastal Carolina/ Current Direction of the Program / The Future 

22:53                        The next “Dustin Johnson”?

23:55                        The difference between good and great. How the game has changed when it comes to age.        

25:17                         Having the correct mindset for success. Being built to compete and win

27:04                        Media attention good or bad? How to manage it

30:01                        Why Oklahoma golf program is successful

30:47                         Academic success of players

31:57                         10 years in the future for Coach Garren

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