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Episode #31: 5 Reasons Your Golf Game Might Suck 04/15/2021

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LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk details 5 reasons (they may not be what you think) why your golf game might suck. Great observations from Meredith’s countless hours on the lesson tee. Whether you are a beginner or advanced golfer you’re sure to learn something that will help your game in episode #31 of the Gimme Golf Podcast!

Show Notes/Time Stamp

to :48              Introduction

:49                  Wrong Equipment. At what point should a beginner golfer get fitted for golf clubs?   

11:42               Trying to overpower shots on the golf course. Macho man! Grip pressure tip to help with tempo. The importance of a good golf grip

18:08              Not Knowing the Fundamentals. Grip-Target-Aim(clubface)-Alignment-Proper Athletic Position/Balance

28:50              The Mental Aspect of the Game. Taking your swing from the range to the golf course and “hemispheres”

38:38              Uncomfortably Dressed. What is the proper attire? Women vs Men, what’s acceptable?







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