Where Eagles Soar: Myrtle Beach’s Shortest Par 5s

Unless your name is Dustin Johnson, making eagle is a rare occurrence, but occasionally a forgiving architect will allow players to dream.

Few things make a golfer’s eyes light up like a short par 5, where no matter your level of skill, the chance to steal a stroke is very real.

On Myrtle Beach’s shortest par 5s there is even a shot at, dare I say it, eagle.

If you are hoping to circle a score twice on your card, here are Myrtle Beach’s shortest par 5s when measured from a course’s most commonly played set of tees (most often the whites).

Dunes Golf & Beach Club, No. 4, 430 yards: One of Myrtle Beach’s toughest tracks is the home of its shortest par 5. There is just one catch: a pond runs to the front edge of a green that slopes toward the water, greatly enhancing the difficulty of getting home in two. But there is no reason you shouldn’t be on in regulation, leaving a birdie putt.

Meadowlands, No. 14, 439 yards: This is a course that prides itself on playability and Meadowlands went out of its way to provide golfers a chance to score on the back nine, beginning with the 14th, a slight dogleg right. There are trees on the right but otherwise No. 14 has just two bunkers, minimizing trouble. This hole is gettable for everyone.

Meadowlands, No. 18, 440 yards (pictured above): If you squander your first chance at Meadowlands, don’t fret because there is another opportunity to close out the round. A slight dogleg right, there is water on starboard side at No. 18 but the threat isn’t overwhelming. Between holes 14 and 18, you should finish strong at Meadowlands.

Fazio Course, No. 4, 440 yards (pictured right): Birdie opportunities are tossed around like manhole covers on the Fazio Course at Barefoot, but No. 4 offers your best chance. There are bunkers and waste areas to catch wayward shots, but if you find the fairway off the tee, good things should await.

Rivers Edge, No. 17, 440 yards: Playing along the Shallotte River, the 17th hole at Rivers Edge offers beauty and opportunity. The marshy waters will challenge you throughout, but golfers that keep their ball dry may have a look at eagle.

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