Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: Full Body Warmup

Today I’m going to give you a full body warmup pre-round. Okay, so this takes about 10 minutes and it’s so worth it. Listen because we need to warm up and elongate our muscles, get nice and loosened up and also it helps prevent injury. That is most important. Okay so the first this that we’re gonna do in this warm up is we’re gonna put our arms out here and we’re gonna do some arm circles. Start small and then you can work to a larger circle, and you’re gonna do that for about 30 seconds. You can really feel the stretch in the shoulders. Next thing that you’re gonna do is you’re gonna grab a club, you’re gonna put it across your chest right here so it’s almost like a crisscross up against the chest here. Get in a nice athletic position as if you’re at address and you’re gonna start to make some rotations about 90 degrees. Go back down to center, through the shot, okay. So we’re motioning out the golf swing, getting to 90 degrees on this side, coming down through the shot here. We’re just motioning out, holding that finish position. Okay, the next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hold the club out like this and I’m actually gonna turn to the side so you can view it this way. And I want you to stretch out your back. So you’re gonna get pretty far from the club, use the head as support and we’re just gonna try to get a flat back if you can. This feels amazing; this is probably my favorite one right here cause I can feel it in my hamstrings and I can feel it in my back. And you want to hold for about 10 seconds on this. Then when you come up, you’re gonna push your pelvis up almost as if your backside is pushing in, and then you’re gonna hold this position right here. And you can really feel this in your abs and your upper back. You wanna hold, you wanna repeat each of these segments about five to six times, okay. So this is really important for that stretching. Now the next step. Hold the club out like this and I’m gonna turn to the side so you can see it here, and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do some baby squats. So I want you to feel like the weight is on the back and you’re gonna … Almost like you’re sitting in a chair. You’re gonna go down and up, down and up, and you’re gonna repeat that about five to six times. Now while you have that club horizontal, this is a great warmup here. I love this. Especially with the wrist. I want you to bring the club down and back up. Down and back up. A lot of times when we’re warming up pre-round, we forget about our wrist. So this is fantastic, I love this. Back up. Now we’re ready to make some continuous swings in our warmup. Go ahead and grab a club and you’re gonna start with about five to 10 of these. I just want you to go back and forth, sweeping the ground as you make that motion. Now if you put all of these steps together, we’re talking about a 10 minute warmup. So this is for that serious golfer. If you get to the golf course, arrive in enough time that you can do this, and I can guarantee that if you go through this routine right here, when you get to the first hole, you’re gonna fell nice and loosened up. Those muscles are gonna be warm, they’re gonna be elongated, you’re gonna have less tension and it’s not gonna take you a few holes to warmup. Often times, I have a lot of students say that, “Hey I don’t start playing well until maybe the third or fourth hole.” But if you have a really good warmup and you go through these steps, watch how your game will change on the first tee.