Long Bay Club Continues to Evolve After 30 Years

Meredith:            We are at the beautiful Long Bay Club on the northern end of Myrtle Beach, a Jack Nicklaus design, one of two courses here in Myrtle Beach. Pretty exciting to be here. Joining me today is head golf professional Corey Bowers. Corey, thanks for having us out.

Corey:                  Absolutely. Happy to have you here.

Meredith:            Well, it’s always great coming out here because you know one of my favorite golf holes in Myrtle Beach is number 10, the signature hole that you have here at Long Bay. Fantastic hole.

Corey:                  Absolutely. It’s a marvelous shape, surrounded by beautiful waste bunkers. Elevated green, elevated fairway. It really is a true testament to what this golf course is. Rolling hills around the outside really frame the golf hole. A nice, two-tiered green, and one of our favorites.

Meredith:            Yeah, it’s one of my favorites, too. Also, you have some other great things going on out here at Long Bay. You’ve added just a small renovation on number 10, some waste bunker fill, and a small renovation inside the club house. You have a lot of exciting things going on out here. Let’s tell our viewers about that.Long Bay Club 10th Hole

Corey:                  Sure. After 30 years of golf course being set the way it was, we decided to look into some newer ways that we can help pace of play and the environment, and just the overall playability of the gold course. We’re trying out some structural fill down the right side of number 10. It is a little more of a firm feel. It’s consistent. It shapes the golf hole beautifully. It won’t move, golf carts will stay, there won’t be ruts from the golf cart. Again, there’s in waste areas around, wherever you play in the country, you can have very firm lies in the sand, very soft lies in a waste bunker. It’s just a muddy mix, and you just won’t have that. You’ll have one playing lie, every day, all day.

Meredith:            Yeah, that’s great.

Corey:                  Inside the clubhouse

Meredith:            Yeah, inside the clubhouse.

Corey:                  Inside the clubhouse. We took an opportunity this summer to kind of update the clubhouse a little bit, give it a little bit of a facelift, add a little bit more of a modern, I guess, touch to more of a classic golf course. We’ve painted the clubhouse from top to bottom, which really brightened everything up, and then we took the opportunity to put all new LED lighting through the whole club house. We have some lights that just come down as well as lights that showcase our merchandise. It really helped brighten up the feel and makes it feel a little bit more welcoming into the shop.

Meredith:            Well, it does. When I walked in this morning, I’m like, “It looks fantastic.” I love all your apparel. I love the pro shop, I mean you have so many signature items, especially with the Jack Nicklaus logo, the Golden Bear. That’s pretty cool stuff. It’s always great when you pull into the golf course, you see that statue of Jack Nicklaus swinging. That is really cool.

Corey:                  Yeah, we call that Jack Island. It’s the most popular picture spot, I believe, at the beach. I would say the majority of our golf players come in and they circle around it, and we take some photos for them, something to take away that they know they’ve played a Jack Nicklaus signature course here in Myrtle Beach.

Meredith:            Yes, which we love his courses here, and also Pawleys Plantation on the southern end. You can’t beat that course as well. So many reasons to come on out to Long Bay. Lastly, I want to mention, you guys just celebrated your 30th anniversary

Corey:                  We did. Back in … Us and Pawleys (Pawleys Plantation Golf Club) at the same time were being put together, and it was in late October, early November, the golf course really it took shape, and some members were able to play it. Then, as we rolled into ’89 and the spring season, it was really the first introduction to it to the Myrtle Beach package golfer. But no, our members had a test of it back 30 years ago. It’s pretty cool, we actually have a few of them still around that play the course daily, and fun to talk to them about it and what they’ve seen change over time. Yeah, to be a part of a golf course that has that kind of history is pretty special. Anybody that’s played it 30 years ago, we test them to come back and tell us about their experience 30 years ago compared to what it would be today.

Meredith:            Yeah, it’s probably not much different, because the course is always in phenomenal shape.Long Bay Club 11th Hole

Corey:                  Sure.

Meredith:            So many reasons that you’ve got to come on out, and join us here at Long Bay Club on the northern end of Myrtle Beach. If you’d like to book your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation, you know where to go, myrtlebeachgolftrips.com. Corey, thanks for having us out. It’s always lovely being here on your course here at Long Bay, this Nicklaus design, so thanks for having us.

Corey:   It’s our pleasure.

Meredith:            All right. Come on out and join us, folks.

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