Jack Nicklaus Designed Pawleys Plantation Provides Perfect Golf Setting

Meredith:           We are at the beautiful Jack Nicklaus designed Pawley’s Plantation Golf & Country Club, one of the most popular golf courses here along the Grand Strand. Now, it’s located on the very southern tip, so you get quite a Lowcountry feel here. Joining me today is head golf professional, Brian Lewis. Brian, thanks for having us out.

Brian:                    Glad to have you.

Meredith:           Tell us a little bit more about Pawley’s Plantation Golf & Country Club.Pawleys Plantation Golf Club

Brian:                    Sure. Pawley’s Plantation is one of two Jack Nicklaus’ Signature golf courses on the Grand Strand. Pawley’s Plantation and Long Bay Club being the other. Two very good courses and unique in their own rights. Jack said he never had a playbook for courses that he designed and you can obviously see that here. Just a few of the signature holes, especially on the back, we have great marsh views out here, holes 12, 13, 14, 16 and 18 have views of the marsh. Thirteen’s probably our most popular hole. It’s a relatively short par three from the middle tees, it’s about 125 yards, but with the wind off the ocean it can play at a 160.

Meredith:           Right.

Brian:                    So it’s a great, great golf hole.

Meredith:           And absoluately stunning wildlife out here. When you’re on hole number 13 you get to see some of that Lowcountry wildlife, the birds, there’s even alligators out here. You have one alligator, mentioned Big Al?

Brian:                    Big Al.

Meredith:           Yeah.

Brian:                    Sometimes he’ll hang out just behind us here on the pond on 18. But a lot of wood storks, herons, all of our tees with the exception of our Golden Bear tees are named after birds. We got the White Egret, the Red Tail Hawk, just to mention a couple there.

Meredith:           Yeah.

Brian:                    Beautiful wildlife.

Meredith:           It is, it’s great. So when you go to the southern side, along the Grand Strand, with the courses down here, you’re going to find that, and Pawley’s Plantation Golf & Country Club, you’re one of the most popular courses. If there’s one course that’s the most recommended, it is definitely this course. It’s also the great course conditions here, because these greens are always usually in fabulous shape.

Brian:                    Yes.Pawleys Plantation 18th Hole

Meredith:           That’s one thing that I hear a lot about is golfers coming off of this course saying, “Wow, that course is in great condition.” And it’s also beautiful with the wildlife.

Brian:                    Sure. Even just the drive into the club here, you’ve got the live oaks that drape over the drive, we’ve got a beautiful club house, and then the showcase is the golf course and live oaks lining the fairways, marsh hazards and it’s just a great golf course.

Meredith:           It is.

Brian:                    Not much else you can really say, other than it’s just a great golf course.

Meredith:           Absolutely, now if somebody wants to come out here and book, how can they get in touch with you?

Brian:                    You can always book through myrtlebeachgolftrips.com. You can call us direct at 843-237-6200. We are open to the public, it is not a private golf club. We do have a great membership here as well, but we’re open to the public seven days a week, 364 days a year.

Meredith:           That’s great. All right. So folks, if you would like to come play Pawley’s Plantation Golf and Country Club, you can do that, like Brian said, at myrtlebeachgolftrips.com. And if you’re interested in playing the Waccamaw Golf Trail courses, the course is located on the southern end, along the Grand Strand, you can add Pawley’s Plantation and also a few others that give you that Lowcountry feel. So it’s definitely a must play when you come and play Myrtle Beach golf. So I hope that you’ll join us down here at Pawley’s Plantation.

Brian, any other reasons to tell our viewers why they need to come down here and play?

Brian:                    Outside of the golf course, you’re going to get the best customer service on the beach.

Meredith:           That’s right.

Brian:                    So come out and see us.

Meredith:           Absolutely. We look forward to seeing you.

Brian:                    Thank you.

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