Amanda Rose Goes Out of Bounds with Myrtlewood’s Head Golf Professional

Amanda:              Hey guys. I’m Amanda Rose. I am alongside head golf professional Dustin Powers here at Myrtlewood Gold Club. We are on the Palmetto course, as you can see, one of six courses on Myrtle Beach on the Intercostal. Dustin.

Dustin:                 Ma’am.

Amanda:              What’s up? How are you?

Dustin:                 I’m good. How are you?

Amanda:              I’m good. This is my first time in Myrtle Beach.

Dustin:                 Yeah.

Amanda:              What do you recommend I do?

Dustin:                 I recommend you play golf. We have over 80 golf courses. I especially recommend that you play here, because there is none better than Myrtlewood. Pine Hills, Palmetto, 36 holes, great conditions, two different style golf courses. Play golf, and what I like to do after I get done playing golf, I like to eat.

Amanda:              You like to eat?

Dustin:                 Love to eat.

Amanda:              I was at Sea Captain’s this morning. It was an awesome breakfast.

Dustin:                 Yeah?

Amanda:              Omelet bar.

Dustin:  Fresh veggies and meat, fresh eggs.

Amanda:              Can’t go wrong with that.

Dustin:                 You can’t go wrong. If you don’t like that, I don’t know, you can’t be friends with me.

Amanda:              Since this is my very first time being in Myrtle, as we said, obviously it’s a great golf destination.

Dustin:                 Yeah.

Amanda:              Why do you think it’s such an attractive place for golfers to come?

Dustin:  Well, the variety of courses and the amount of courses we have to offer I think is big. Then you couple that with close around activities, whether it’s nightlife and entertainment or restaurants and bars, and then you’re at the beach. When you’re at the beach, you can bring your family. Beach it in the morning, beach it in the afternoon, vice versa, play golf. You can have family time, you can have personal time. You can bring the family to the golf course. It’s just, there’s never a lack of anything.

Amanda:              Well, obviously, Myrtle Beach is an awesome golf destination. When you guys go to book your trips, make sure you go to You don’t want to miss out. Make sure you book a round here at Myrtlewood. You might even get to see Dustin Powers.

Dustin:                 This guy.

Amanda:              Can’t really go wrong. Thank you guys so much.

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