TPC Myrtle Beach Provides Tour-Like Experience

Meredith:            Hello, everyone, and we are at the beautiful TPC Myrtle Beach. Joining me today is Angel Diaz, assistant golf professional. Angel, thanks for having us out.

Angel:                   Meredith, it’s wonderful to have you guys out here today.

Meredith:            You know, I love coming out here. It’s one of my favorite courses because it really is that Tour-style course. So when the golfers come out here, let’s tell them what they can experience and what that means: the Tournament Players Club.

Angel:                   The Tournament Players Club is exactly what it says, and it’s a Tour-caliber course that the PGA Tour players come out here and practice on a regular basis, and it’s awesome. The reason why they do that is because of the quality and because of the layout of the course. It’s just a great experience overall. We offer food and beverage, and it’s a great sit-down restaurant.

Meredith:            It is. It’s amazing, and we have that porch here behind us. It’s a great gallery area.TPC Myrtle Beach 10th Hole

Angel:                   Beautiful.

Meredith:            You can watch players come in. You can have food and drinks, so many aspects to this course. I know a lot of people that love the food here so much that they come here and they just eat. They don’t play golf. They just enjoy the scenery and watch the players come in. The greens and the course condition, hands down, are just sublime.

Angel:                   Yes, Clay and his team, they do a great job in maintaining the course and making it better and better every year. Last year, we didn’t think it could get any better, and here we are today, and it’s phenomenal. It’s better than I’ve ever seen it before.

Meredith:            Exactly, really, if you wanna experience that Tour-quality course, you gotta add TPC on the bucket list. It’s just an amazing course, an amazing experience, the moment you drive into TPC and this facility.

Angel:                   Yup, we hosted the 2000 PGA Senior Championship. We are hosting, obviously, the Dustin Johnson Award Junior Championship, and in 2019, we’re gonna host the NCAA D1 regional tournament.

Meredith:            That is huge, and you also, of course, have a five-star rating. Really, so many aspects, when you go in the clubhouse, you’re gonna see, basically, a mini hall of fame with Dustin Johnson. This is his home course. He’s a graduate from Coastal Carolina University, and they actually came and practiced here. When you see this practice facility, you will know why, so many aspects to come out here. If somebody wants to book, how can they book with you guys? Can they call you directly?

Angel:                   They can call us directly at 843-357-3399. You can talk to one of our golf professionals here in the golf shop. We’d love to help you out and give you more information about the course. You can also book online at …


Angel:                   That’s right.TPC Myrtle Beach

Meredith:            Yeah, and also, if you don’t feel like driving a cart out here, if you just look right here, we have golfboards here. TPC is one of three courses that offer the amazing experience of golfboards. So you get the best of, really, the turf and the surf.

Angel:                   That’s right.

Meredith:            You get it all together here.

Angel:                   Come out here and surf the earth. Right?

Meredith:            You can surf the earth at TPC. So we would love to see you out here. Again, go to, and put TPC on your bucket list.

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