Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: Basketball Stabilization Drill

I’m Meredith Kirk, LPGA teaching pro, and today I’m going to give you a drill on lower body stabilization using a basketball. Now if you don’t have a basketball, that’s okay. You can grab a beach ball or something about the size of this. So what you want to do is grab the basketball and put it in between your legs. Have a club available to use to practice some swinging. Go ahead and get in the address position right here. Now once you get in the address position, you’re going to notice a few things. It’s going to feel a little different. You’re going to feel your weight distributed about 50/50 on each side. You’re going to have a nice knee flex, and also your pelvis is going to be back which is going to set you up for a great spine angle for your swing. That’s what you want. You want to be in a nice athletic position so you can rotate around your body during the swing. With the basketball in between your knees, it really forces you to get in this good, athletic position. Now you want to go ahead and set up here, and we’re just going to do some half swings. You’re going to take the club back into the toe-up position, nice and slow come forward in the toe-up position. You’re going to repeat this action about 10 times. What this does is it creates great muscle memory. When you’re done doing this 10 times, drop the ball, as easy as that, and you’re going to feel a little different when you set up without the ball. So here I am now without the ball and I feel much more centered now. I feel my weight distributed equally. I feel like I have a better spine angle. You’re going to notice a difference by doing this drill. Now you can take a swing back, and it’s going to help keep your feet connected to the ground. So if you have issues of swaying or if you come down through impact and you have that tendency to lift your toes, this drill will help you correct that. So if you need to work on your lower body stabilization, or just learn how to get in a better athletic position, you can grab a basketball or a beach ball and try this drill.