Scouting Palmetto: A Golfer’s Guide to a Great Collection of Par 3s

Myrtlewood’s Palmetto Course is on the short list of the area’s most popular layouts and at the heart of the Edmund Alt design’s popularity is a quartet of par 3s that require a combination of skill and nerve to conquer.

As you make plans for your next Myrtle Beach golf trip, here is a quick scouting report on the Palmetto’s memorable collection of par 3s.

No. 4Palmetto 4th Hole
Handicap: 15
190 yards (blue), 165 yards (white tees), 150 yards (gold tees), 108 yards (red tees)

Palmetto’s first one-shotter is a dicey one. There is water to contend with en route to an elevated green, but if your ball is wet here you probably deserve it. Of greater concern are a pair of bunkers that squeeze the front of the green, meaning it will take a well struck shot or a little luck to get it close. When the pin is tucked behind the bunker on the left, don’t give in to the temptation to fire at the flag; play instead to the middle of the green and be happy with par.

No. 7
Handicap: 17
Blue – 178, White – 153, 135 Gold, 100 Red

This isn’t the easiest hole on the front nine, no matter what the scorecard says. Matter-of-fact, with water fronting the green, this is one Palmetto’s most daunting tee shots. The seventh might be the course’s shortest par 3, but it never feels that way when you are on the tee. There is some bailout room left, but mostly you have to take a deep breath and trust your swing.

No. 11
Handicap: 10
Blue – 205, White – 190, Gold – 176, Red – 121

There is nothing complicated about this bad boy. Bring all you’ve got to the tee and let it rip. If length alone wasn’t enough, there is a deep bunker on the left side of the green that is best avoided. Unless you’ve got a lot of game, aim toward the right side of the green and play conservative. If you miss short right, you can run the ball up and have a chance to make par, which is easier than playing out of or over the bunker. Par is a great score here. (11th top photo)

No. 17
Handicap: 16
Blue – 179, White – 162, 125 – Gold, Red – 106

Playing from an elevated tee box with the Intracoastal Waterway in view, No. 17 is one of Palmetto’s most memorable challenges. You will need to play over water to a green flanked by three bunkers, but No. 17 doesn’t play as long as the scorecard suggests. The green is shallow, and this is a hole where you can be aggressive.

Taken together, the Palmetto’s par 3s are testy, demanding precision mid irons shots with at least a whiff of danger on every full swing. Enjoy.

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