PGA Merchandise Show’s Three Coolest New Products

Attendance at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show, the industry’s annual gathering in Orlando to unveil new products and renew old acquaintances, was down significantly in 2022, but the event remained a veritable playground for golfers.

The show was, as always, a combination of innovation and passion as more than 600 exhibitors showcased their wares at the three-day event. The PGA Show isn’t open to the public, so your faithful correspondent wandered the aisles of the Orange County Convention Center, working to identify new products you will want to check out (even if you can’t afford them!).

With tired feet and bleary eyes, here are three of the coolest offerings unveiled at this year’s show (unlimited budget edition):

– PuttView’s new augmented reality goggles were, without question, the show’s most innovative new product. The goggles can read any green and then overlay information, allowing you to see the break and line needed to make a putt. Called PuttView Outdoors, a simple name for a product that delivers almost unimaginable technology, you have to experience the goggles to appreciate them. With an expected price tag of $15,000, your buddies aren’t likely to have a pair next weekend, but if the opportunity arises, go out of your way to enjoy the experience.

– Let me introduce Pub OG, a tailor-made miniature Irish Pub built in the Emerald Isle. You can pour your own pint of Guinness in a personal pub built from Irish material and artefacts, and you can decorate your private speakeasy with pics from a Myrtle Beach golf trip. The $80,000 price tag makes Pub OG an even more unlikely possession than the PuttView goggles, but that doesn’t stop a man from dreaming.

– A pair of college teammates at the University of Washington – Scott Morrison and Bob Conrad – have launched RADMOR, a men’s and women’s golf apparel company that uses meticulously-curated, all-natural materials. A new line of polos, band-collar and “tee” shirts; knit and corduroy pants and cotton-blend shorts; crewneck and hoodie sweatshirts; and outerwear may not be as novel as a custom-made Irish pub or augmented reality glasses, but they are a more practical. RADMOR provides stylish, performance wear and it is golf’s fastest rising, new apparel brand.

While the PGA Show’s footprint was smaller, if the products on display are any indicator, golfers have a lot to forward to in 2022.