“Horrifying Vegetarians Since 2013”: Swig & Swine Brings Bold BBQ and Humor to Myrtle Beach

Swig & Swine, heralded as one of Charleston’s best barbeque restaurants, has opened a Myrtle Beach location, touting smoked meats, a great beer selection, and an irreverent sense of humor.

Located on Broadway Street in the heart of Myrtle Beach, Swig & Swine opened February 22, and while the outdoor seating area is still under construction, the dining room, which features an airy, open floor plan and a large bar, was running smoothly 48 hours after the first rack of ribs was smoked.

Before we talk about the food, a word of caution to the thin-skinned; if you are bothered by wait staff wearing t-shirts that read “Offending vegetarians since 2012,” Swig & Swine isn’t the place for you. Otherwise, read on.

AppetizersSwig and Swine
Pork rinds and pimento cheese are the dominant options on the app menu. The pork rind nachos sounded outstanding, as did the jalapeno pimento cheese, but we opted for the pork rinds with red clay hot honey and blue cheese.

We didn’t regret the decision. The pork rinds were fried fresh, and the red clay hot honey provided flavorful heat. If you put crumbled blue cheese in a bowl, I’d be happy to eat it with a spoon, so pairing it with the pork rinds was a winner.

Options are aplenty and they all have one thing in common: the meats at Swig & Swine are smoked. If you want brisket, pulled pork, turkey, pork belly, sausage, chicken or ribs, it’s on the menu.

On Swig & Swine’s first Saturday night, I sampled the brisket, pulled pork and turkey, and I will start at the top of the list. The brisket was cooked perfectly; it was moist with just enough fat to enhance the flavor. If you like brisket, it comes with the highest of recommendations.

The pulled pork was outstanding and complemented by a quartet of tasty barbeque sauces. There is a sweet BBQ sauce, a mustard based offering, a vinegar BBQ sauce, and my favorite the jalapeno BBQ sauce.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a turkey at Thanksgiving kind of guy and that’s about it, but the Boss Lady ordered the smoked bird, and I’ve got to admit, it was very good. I’d still favor the brisket or pulled pork, but the smoked turkey was as good as any I’ve had.

Based on appearance alone, the chicken appeared mouthwatering, but I can’t offer a firsthand account.

If you are on a low carb diet, make the trip to Swig & Swine on cheat day. You can feel your arteries tightening with each delectable bite of the mac and cheese, and the bake potato salad, which has a smoky flavor, might have been even better. The corn pudding was good and if you want a little tang, the pickled vegetables are a must.

Conclusion: Swig & Swine enjoys a great reputation in Charleston and the same will apply to its Myrtle Beach location. You won’t find many better meals for $20-$25 all in.

(Photos for this piece from Swig and Swine’s Facebook Page)