Not Today: Here Are The 5 Types Of Golfers You Don’t Want To Play With

No one guy can ruin a Myrtle Beach golf trip, but when you are rounding out your group, there are personality types you’d typically like to avoid.

I’m not talking about the guy who apparently lacks the ability to count to 6 or miraculously always finds his ball on the right side of the tree. It goes without saying you don’t want to play with a cheater, but here are five other types of golfers you’d be best served to avoid.

Mr. I paid my money, I’ll take my time
Even worse than your run-of-the-mill slow player is being paired with a guy who becomes defiant when confronted about his, ahem, “deliberate” pace. Playing with a human rain delay who declares, “I paid my money, I’ll take my time” when told his group is two holes behind is the worst. There is a level of selfishness involved in that attitude that isn’t appealing.

It’s always something or someone else’s fault
We all play poorly on occasion. It’s golf for cripes sake; the game is challenging on good days. What you don’t want is to play with a guy who spends four hours complaining about his fate while blaming the course, his clubs, the weather, his wife for texting during the round, or someone at work for sending an email. The only thing to blame for poor play is the guy staring at you in the mirror. Don’t be a complainer.

Does the baby need a pat on the back?
Even worse than a complaint box is the guy who sulks his way around the course, sitting in the cart with his head down barely talking with the rest of the group. You are on a golf trip, there is no reason to spend the day acting as if your dog just got ran over. We’ve all played with a 52-year-old that acts like a teenager. Don’t be that guy.

I didn’t know Butch Harmon joined our group
When someone has a two-way miss going, he or she doesn’t need a 10-handicap parroting the last thing they saw on Golf Academy. Swing tips in the middle of a frustrating round rarely result in anything good, so don’t try to coach your buddy up on the ride to the 11th tee.

Deputy Dog
Every trip needs a leader. No trip needs a dictator. Yet too often, there is one guy that wants to organize every step of the junket. A golf vacation is a chance to get away and do what you want, when you want. Beyond booking tee times and offering a few suggestions for dinner that people are able to take or leave, the less that’s planned the better. Don’t let one person attempt to dictate everyone’s schedule. It’s a golf trip, so relax and enjoy it.

If you avoid the annoyance that comes with these five personalities, a spectacular golf vacation awaits.