Natalie Gulbis: Why I Love Myrtle Beach

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by Golf Trips Staff

My name is Natalie Gulbis.  I have been on tour for 13 years and I’m excited to be back here in South Carolina.  Myrtle Beach is somewhere I used to vacation with my family.

I like to go to the beach as often as possible.  A perfect day for me would be to get up and do something active in the morning like yoga or run or walk on the beach or paddleboard in the ocean or somewhere.  What’s cool about paddleboarding is it’s becoming more popular, and you can paddleboard in almost as many places as you can play golf now.

More than anything I like to be out on the water, and today was beautiful with paddling on Pawleys Island.  Just to see the wildlife out there and it’s just really, really pretty. 

One of the coolest shops at Pawleys Island is getting to go and see and make one of their original Pawleys Island hammocks.  The Hammock Shops are cool.  I love the eclectic, kind of fun, local artists, local jewelers.  I have been able to travel all over the world, but it’s fun for me to have some things to bring back home that have a local feel.  I mean, today I got to go to some really cool shops and learn about the Pawleys shell, and I like to have little pieces of the places I get to go and travel and visit and vacation at. I like to have some of that in my home and back around my home life.

I have played golf all over the world, and playing in Myrtle Beach is really special because you can get a variety of different types of golf courses.  Going to River Club was really cool because it was different than the other golf courses I’d been to.  What was neat about it was that it was a traditional golf course.  It didn’t have the different parts of marsh like Pawleys Plantation, and it was just a really good tee to green golf course.  It was in incredible shape and I’m looking forward to going back and playing there.

Pawleys Plantation is one of my favorite Myrtle Beach area golf courses because of holes number 13 and 17.  Those holes are amazing.  Just to have two brutally tough signature holes and have them just with native marsh area everywhere.  Just aesthetically they were really incredible and just in difficulty, really special holes. 

Willbrook Plantation is another one of my favorite golfing spots here in Myrtle Beach.  It’s just so beautiful. I mean, the trees with the moss growing down, and it’s just such a beautiful course to play.  A great layout, but just a really, really beautiful course.

What I love about Myrtle Beach is that it has everything that you would want in a vacation.  You can play golf.  You can go to the beach.  There’s great restaurants and shopping and other fun activities.  It’s a complete destination vacation place to come to and I want to encourage everyone to go and check it out.  I know they’ll love it as much as I do.

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