Myrtle Beach’s Best Sports Bars

The well-planned Myrtle Beach golf trip will include rounds, meals, off-course entertainment and – more than likely – a trip to the beach.

Right up there knocking on the door is the chance to watch sports without the tether of real life pulling you away from the game.

South Carolina’s Grand Strand has long since established itself as a high-volume sports bar environment. However, not all of them are created equal. Nor is everyone’s watching palate. Because of that, we wanted to give you, the out-of-towners, several different options to find your own home away from home away from home.

Some of these joints impress so much that they attract the same faces throughout the duration of their stay in Myrtle Beach. Others are a unique one-off worthy of checking out for their originality.

We’re convinced you’ll like what you find.

While the 10th Avenue combination location with Bumstead’s checks a lot of the boxes, the Surfside Beach venue is all sports bar, all the time. Be it college or NFL football, the NBA, March Madness or basically every golf tournament, you’d be hard-pressed to not find it on one of the 100-plus TVs. The wings are big, the deli sandwiches are among the best on the Grand Strand and the beer is always cold. Pro tip: If you’re planning on a marathon session, get there early and try to secure the semi-hidden back booth. If you can see the TV wall, you’re in the right spot. (Pictured right)

While most sports bars segment off their establishments, electing for cozy booths and single-serve TVs, Hop N’ Wich went the other direction. This open concept provides clear sightlines to whatever game meets your fancy – especially to the 14-television wall behind the bar. There’s not a bad seat in the house. The locally owned restaurant and its sister eateries all lend themselves to a sports-centric focus. Hop N’ Wich does it with a menu worth exploring over and over. And since downtown Conway isn’t exactly known for a huge weekend bar crowd, there’s a good chance you’re going to be able to make TV requests. (Top Photo)

A true throwback, Pine Lakes Tavern is considered one of the originals, even if plenty of sports bars in town came before it. That’s because for years, anyone who walked through these doors has known exactly what to expect. The only changes have been positive ones, such as the addition of a beer garden, some of the older domestic taps being replaced by craft options and the addition of a few TVs in the back room (one that also has a few pub games). Other than that, the bar area still utilizes low chairs and the staff is ready to make you feel like a local. (Pictured below)

Yes, Walk-Ons is closing in on its 100th location nationally in the not-too-distant future. And, no, bayou-themed grub isn’t exactly going to remind you of your trip to South Carolina’s coastline. But there’s something to be said for a concept that wraps EVERYTHING it does around the televisions on every wall, behind the bar and even in some of the bathrooms. For as much as a menu that includes alligator and gumbo stands out (and can’t be found in many restaurants locally), those looking to binge-watch multiple games at the same time are appeased here.

No, we don’t get any sort of a kickback for referrals to another golf-based business. But we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t point out that maybe the most overlooked part of what TopGolf Myrtle Beach has added is its high-quality bar area. The numerous high-top tables are often unused since 99% of the visitors here are walking through the doors and heading straight to their reserved range bay to continue the festivities at the main event. However, with or without swinging the clubs on the video-game like facilities, that massive TV wall behind the bar or the adjoining wall of 42-inch screens aren’t there for decoration. Nor is the massive drink selection.