Myrtle Beach Golf’s Best Patios

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. | Those ancillary parts of a golf course are often what sway our booking opinions.
Ease of access to the first tee. A great driving range. On-course bathrooms.
What about after the round? That counts, too.
South Carolina’s Grand Strand has perfected the craft of keeping you on-site after your round by delivering what courses in other parts of the country don’t deem necessary.
The outdoor 19th hole.
You’re going to notice a placement theme, sure. But the visuals associated with how these courses displayed their best holes are paired with the type of respect to serve up those post-round meals and drinks.

If you’ve been too busy playing lately to practice your golf clap, go ahead and bone up on it now. At Caledonia, the rocking chair lifestyle is part of the premium package that comes with a round here (pictured above) – and the time you decide to use after. The elevated deck overlooking the 18th green of Mike Strantz’s first solo design has been a meeting place for Myrtle Beach golf’s sojourners since 1994.

There are two ways to look at every patch of grass, and the back end of TPC’s finisher enlighten those who just played the course’s difficult 18th hole.(pictured right) The views of the half-peninsula green are a fantastic way to talk golf or shop after the round. And with ample seating room and a relatively new bar and grill just inside the doors behind you, TPC has hosted more than its fair share of extended-stay beverages.

By most standards, the tiny back porch behind Willbrook’s clubhouse isn’t going to be a huge selling point. There are only a few two-seater tables under normal conditions. But those who are wise enough to grab one before or after a round are in for a treat. Mere yards away is the 18th green, complete with a clear visual of the tree-lined enclosure separating that swath from the natural wetlands on the other side.

When the massive pro shop and offices at World Tour were constructed, they were done in a way to show off what has made this replica course so popular for two decades. And when it comes to the patio, that means a panoramic view of St. Andrews and Bay Hill and glimpses of some of the other patterned holes. The expansive acreage itself is plenty to take in, even without the grand scheme attached to World Tour’s design.

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