Money, Convenience and More: 5 Reasons To Book Early For Your Next Golf Trip

The summer months have just arrived, but it’s already time to begin planning your fall of 2022 Myrtle Beach golf trip.

Too soon you say? No, it’s not.

The golf boom of the last couple years is real, and it has reinforced the benefits of booking early. As you begin rounding up commitments from your group and selecting dates, here are five reasons you are best served to plan your next Myrtle Beach golf trip well in advance of arrival.

1. Tee sheets are filling fast. There are courses that are already full on a few weekend days in October. Five years ago, you might’ve been able to book your favorite course a couple weeks in advance but that is no longer the case, especially if you are traveling with a group of eight or more.

2. Booking early helps ensure you get to play at the time of your choosing. That 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. window you like so much, everyone else does too. The early bird gets the worm and that’s certainly true of tee times, so planning now allows you to dictate the terms of your trip.

3. If where you play and when you play don’t matter, maybe simple economics will convince you. As courses fill, tee times prices rise. While a Myrtle Beach golf trip always delivers tremendous value, the earlier you book, the greater the savings.Founders Club

4. The sooner you have trip details – dates, price, course lineup et al – secured, the easier it is to fill out your group and secure ironclad commitments. It’s not fun to chase a 12th person two weeks before your trip starts (it happens more than you might think) and that’s a headache that can be avoided by booking early.

5. Last but certainly not least, getting the administrative work out of the way leaves more time for fun. You can set match lineups, start haggling over bets, and talking trash with your buddies, which is half the fun.

What are you waiting for?

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Top photo: The PineHills Course at Myrtlewood Golf Club, photo right: Founders Club (from @myrtlebeachgolftrips Instagram account)