Insider Tips From the Golf Professional: Keys to a Good Round at Tradition Club

Kurtis Kuhn, Head Golf Professional at Tradition Club, shares some inside information with LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk for a good round at this lowcountry gem.

We are at Tradition Golf Club, a low country gym on the Southern end of Myrtle Beach. And today, we’re going to give you some golf tips on how to play this course. And no better person than head golf, professional Kurtis Kuhn. Kurtis, let’s tell our viewers how to play Tradition Golf Club.

So I got some great keys for you to come out here and play Tradition Club. First key that I’m going to give to you is when you are playing our par fives, they did a great job when they designed this golf course to make it very tempting to go after our par fives in two. I would recommend to rely on those wedges, lay up, stick itTradition Golf Club close with the wedge, make the birdie that way. If you do go after it in two, there’s a lot of risk reward out here. So if you do miss the green, those chips can get a little tricky. There’s water in front of two of our par fives. So I would recommend relying on that wedge game. My second tip is whenever you are on the greens, play about half the break that you read. Whenever you see a putt, if you see six inches, I would recommend playing three, hit it a little firmer. That way, it’ll stay online and you’ll be able to make those birdie putts.
Wow. Some really good insider golf tips on how to play Tradition Golf Club. Kurtis, let’s go out there and give it a try.

As always, thank you, Meredith.

All right, we’ll see you down here.

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