How to Conquer Myrtle Beach’s Longest Hole

There are only seven par 6s in America (that we are aware of) and one of them resides along the Myrtle Beach golf scene – the unforgettable 18th hole at Farmstead Golf Links.

Playing 767 yards, the closer at Farmstead isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s not an impossible challenge either. Despite all that length, it’s only the eighth toughest hole on the course, according to the scorecard, and it does offer some margin for error.

If you are wondering how you should play the hole, using the magic of Google Earth, we are going to show you. We normally advocate playing from the tees that correspond with your skill level, but this is one instance where you might want to move back if nothing else for the novelty of the challenge.

Here is the blueprint for an average golfer to make par on Farmstead’s 18th:

The understandable urge here is to try and kill the tee shot. Make no mistake, you want every yard you can get, but our plan doesn’t involve a 300-yard drive. If you hit the tee ball 250 yards in the right-center of the fairway, you will be positioned for success. The only real danger is the pot bunker just off the fairway at approximately 230 yards. Find that bunker and you are on your own.

Second & Third Shots
The idea here is simple: breakout the 5-wood, a hybrid, a 3-iron, whatever you can hit 200 yards and do it twice. On your second shot, continue to play up the right side of the fairway, a move that will largely eliminate the threat posed by a lake that runs along the left side of the hole the final 300 yards.

The third shot should play just off the edge of the water, shaving some of the corner on a hole that doglegs to the left, before (again) settling in the right-center of the fairway.

Fourth Shot – The Approach
If you execute the previous three shots, you will be left with approximately 115 yards and dreams of birdie. For the overwhelming majority of us, hitting a 250-yard drive followed by successive 200-yard blasts from the fairway is difficult. You do have margin for error and the opportunity to make up for a mishit shot as even a 150-yard approach is manageable.

FWIW, a perfectly struck third show will land just over the South Carolina state line, allowing you to putt out in North Carolina.

The Green
The putting surface, which runs from back to front, is big at approximately 34 yards deep and 30 yards wide but it’s not enormous. The green is fronted by a bunker that doesn’t allow much room to miss short, so make sure you pull enough club.

Bottom Line: The 18th at Farmstead is a blast to play and it’s not overwhelmingly difficult. This is a hole players remember – how many opportunities are there to play a par 6 that tees off in one state and putts out in another? – and par is an attainable goal.

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