Hidden Gem: Head Golf Pro Takes You Inside No. 2 at Aberdeen Country Club

Aberdeen Country Club Head Golf Professional Steve Shaffer shares some inside knowledge on how to make birdie on the par four 2nd

Here we are at Aberdeen’s number two Highlands hole, and you’ll see behind me the par four. As you come off of the tee box, you have a couple options. You can lay up just short of that bunker down the right-hand side. It’s a pretty wide fairway. Down the left-hand side, you really want to avoid that. That gets you blocked out. Down towards the green is a little marshy area, so you definitely want to avoid that, as well. Some of your longer hitters are going to take it right down that right hand-side, take on the bunker, leave yourself a little flip wedge at the green. Once you get to the green, that’s where the trouble starts. You got a severely sloping green from front to back. At the middle of the green to the front is very severe. You got three different tiers. Back left, you’re going to have a good pin down there that’s going to fade away from you. That top right pin is a go-to pin. If you see that one back there, definitely take it on and go for a birdie

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