Founders Club Offers Unique Coastal-Feel Golf Experience

Meredith:            We’re at the Founders Club in Pawleys Island today. And joining me is Mark Andrews, first golf assistant. Mark, thanks for having us out.

Mark:                   Thanks for coming out. It’s always a pleasure.

Meredith:            You know, this is an exciting year because you guys are celebrating ten years here.

Mark:                   Yes, we are. Yeah, we originally started as the Seagull. So we’ve been here a little longer than ten years, the property itself. But ten years ago we went to Founders Club, redesigned by Thomas Walker. And they moved a lot of dirt to get this place looking the way it does now. So it’s a very beautiful golf course and not something you normally see down here in Myrtle Beach, the way they redesigned it.

Meredith:            Yeah. It really does offer unique features because you have so many mounds.

Mark:                   Yes we do.Founders Club 12th Hole

Meredith:            You actually have a little bit of some elevation changes when you’re playing this course and you don’t normally find that feature …

Mark:                   You don’t.

Meredith:            … in Myrtle Beach, yet alone on your Southern end courses here on the Waccamaw Golf Trail.

Mark:                   Yeah. And we’re the farthest south too, so you really wouldn’t expect it down here but, you know, you get that on the back nine, you can see almost the whole golf course [inaudible 00:01:06]. It’s gorgeous.

Meredith:            Yeah, it really is. And then behind us, look at this clubhouse.

Mark:                   Yeah.

Meredith:            It’s awesome. And you have that wraparound porch, which really gives you that low country feel. And you guys serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You guys have it going on here at Founders Club.

Mark:                   Full menu. A great place to just hang out too, yeah.

Meredith:            Absolutely. So, if somebody wants to come out here and book, how can they get in touch with you?Founders Club 18th Hole

Mark:                   They can call us directly. Our phone number is 843-237-2299 and any of us in the Pro Shop would be happy to book you a tee time.

Meredith:            Okay, great. And also, you can always go to and book your next round here at Founders Club. You don’t want to miss playing this course. So many unique features. Mark, thanks for having us out.

Mark:                   Thanks for coming out. Your welcome.

Meredith:            Yeah, you can’t beat golf down here on the Southern end.

Mark:                   You can’t, you can’t. It’s gorgeous.

Meredith:            Well, we hope you guys join us.

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