Five Ways Golf Can Get You Through Life In Quarantine

April is the month much of the nation reacquaints itself with golf. The weather warms up from coast-to-coast, allowing players (who don’t live in a warm weather locale) to return to the course and The Masters attracts the attention of the sports world to the game.

With golf’s most popular tournament having been moved to November and much of the nation being confined to the house as we attempt to continue slowing the spread of the Coronavirus, here are five ways golf can help you pass the time in a productive manner.

— Review golf courses. Go to and submit reviews of your experiences at Myrtle Beach golf courses. If you don’t want to submit online reviews, you can still evaluate courses and send them to your buddies. It should lead to interesting discussion.

— Assemble a list of every golf course you’ve played. It’s an enjoyable exercise and will provide a trip down memory lane. After you’ve cobbled together the list, rank the courses. Like your reviews, sharing the list and/or rankings with friends is a good way to spur conversation.

— Use the time to try and improve your game. Youtube is full of tips/lessons from some of the game’s most respected teachers; head to the garage and start working on the game changes you’ve been putting off.

— Plan your next trip. Create multiple itineraries, including a dream golf vacation. Even if the uncertainty of the moment makes it difficult to book anything, planning your next trip is an enjoyable way to spend time.

— Start getting in golf shape. Youtube is full of golf-specific fitness videos, many of them bodyweight and/or flexibility workouts that don’t require equipment. Better fitness should lead to better play, and you will feel better in general.

H/T to GolfAdvisor’s Jason Deegan.