Five New Year’s (Golf) Resolutions You Can Keep

The new year is upon us, which means much of America will compile a list of resolutions that are as likely to be filled as I am to break 80 over the next 12 months.

Instead of making vows you quickly try to forget like a New Year’s Day hangover, why not build your 2022 resolutions around a passion in your life?

Golf, you say?

Good idea.

Here are five golf-related new year’s resolutions that will make your world a little better.

● Create a regular outing with your friends in 2022. If you already do so, find room for another one, even if it’s with a different friend group. The courses you play are important, but one of golf’s primary appeals is the time it allows us to spend with friends, something the last 24 months have made abundantly clear. Let’s double down on the camaraderie the game creates.

● The vast majority of us want to play better but you need to change how you go about the process. Watching YouTube videos or asking a buddy for advice isn’t the answer. Take a lesson and commit to the work your instructor asks you to do. For all but the best of players, self-correcting is difficult, so if you are serious about improving, enlist the help of a professional and get to work in 2022.

● We talked about playing golf with friends, leading naturally to your next resolution: take at least one Myrtle Beach golf trip, two if time and money allow. There is no better way to recharge the batteries and have a good time than spending a long weekend with buddies playing Myrtle Beach’s best golf courses. (Pictured above: River Club 18th hole)

● Exercise more. Improved strength and fitness will allow you to play more golf at a higher level, in addition to making day-to-day life much better. Whether you join a local gym, buy a Peloton, or begin a home fitness regimen, set a goal of getting more exercise in 2022.

● With all the extra time you will spend improving your game and fitness, leave time to read “A Course Called America,” author Tom Coyne’s latest effort. It’s an entertaining and uplifting look at golf across the nation and the people the game brings you into contact with. Just as exercise helps make the body better, reading does the same for the mind, and Coyne is as good a golf writer as anyone in the game.

There you have it, five attainable new year’s resolutions that will make 2022 better on and off the course.