Five Myrtle Beach Golf Trip Packing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Despite all the anticipation, the one thing many people don’t do well is pack. Most of us wait until the last minute and frantically fill our suitcase the night before departure, hoping we get everything.

That’s typically a bad decision. As you gear up for your fall golf trip, here are five other avoidable mistakes:

1. Don’t assume the weather forecast will be right. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what Saturday’s weather will be like on Monday, I’d be a millionaire. I know everyone has a weather app and thinks they can read a radar, but weather remains notoriously unpredictable. I’ve seen groups cancel trips five days out because of rain in the forecast, only to see sunny skies all weekend. Don’t let it dictate how you pack.
2. Prepare for every reasonable eventuality. If AccuWeather says there is only 5 percent of chance rain, that doesn’t mean leave all your weather gear at home. The opposite also holds true; if the forecast says overcast skies and a chance of rain, you shouldn’t empty the sunscreen from your bag. I’m not telling you to pack like you are on a month long trip, but be prepared.Dunes Club
3. This might sound obvious, but bring at least a dozen more balls than you think you will need. People tend to lose more balls on vacation and you don’t want to run out for a variety of reasons. As the guys in the pro shop will tell you, you would be shocked at how often people exhaust their supply of balls, a completely preventable problem.
4. Pack (or buy a pair) of waterproof golf shoes. Due to the humidity, the dew point here is likely higher than it is at your house, meaning there is a good chance the course will be wet if you have a morning tee time. You don’t want wet feet all day and even all week. A good pair of waterproof shoes will remedy that potential problem.
5. Finally, take 10 minutes the night before your trip and go through your golf bag. Make sure you have tees, a divot repair tool, golf gloves, balls and any other accessories you may need. It’s a simple act that can save you headache.

Do these five things and preparation for your next trip should be great.