CBS Sports Radio Features Founders Club at Pawleys Island

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by Golf Trips Staff

Aaron Marks, host of “The Drive” that airs 7-9 a.m. weekdays on CBS Sports Radio’s Myrtle Beach affiliate (WSEA-FM 100.3), recently sat down with Cory Bowers, head golf professional at Founders Golf Club at Pawleys Island, to discuss the course and what makes it unique for golf in the Myrtle Beach area. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Aaron Marks:  I learned some things when I had some information sent over to me by our buddy Jim about Founders Club at Pawleys Island. Actually, it was one of the first courses down here in the Pawleys Island area. Opened up in 1966 as Sea Gull Golf Club, and so really a lot of the golf around here built around it, and then Sea Gull went through a major redesign in 2006, which many people will remember, that was far more recently. Reopened in 2008 as Founders Club at Pawleys Island.

So talk to us a little bit about the facility. You actually just started working down there in July 2015, but you’ve been with the company now for a couple of years. You’ve had some time to get to know how you guys got to where you are today. It’s been an interesting journey.

Cory Bowers:  Yeah. It sure has. The old Sea Gull is what most golfers down in Myrtle Beach remember the golf course as. It was more of a flat design, a Gene Hamm design. It was the fourth oldest course in Myrtle Beach. In 2006, Thomas Walker came in … under Gary Player’s vision of where he wanted to see the golf course go, and they moved a lot of dirt and sand and put a brand new face lift on the golf course as well as the clubhouse. It’s one of the nicest clubhouses I’ve ever been in. I take pride in our facility for sure. With that new design – ocean-style golf course, a lot of sand in waste areas, very unique to the area, even to anywhere. It’s an outstanding course to come and play.

Aaron Marks:  So talk about playing the course, the challenges, the things people will enjoy about it if you have not made the trip down to play Founders Club.\

Cory Bowers:  Absolutely. It’s one of those courses that is visually very appealing. You’re going to see very unique sand in the area, raised up fairways. You’re going to have a bunch of different shots that you may have never had to play before, which can bring a challenge to the game. But it’s also a very beautiful golf course to look at. One thing that I appreciate about the golf course is you stand on the first tee, and you only see the first hole. You stand on the second tee, and you only see the second hole. The design of it to just simply put one golf hole in your vision, and that’s the hole that you’re playing – it is very unique to me to see that. I know that on other golf courses, you play the first hole and you’re watching people come up on the third hole. So that’s very unique to our course as well. I think it’s very easily playable for the average golfer, as long as they select the right tee boxes to play.

Aaron Marks:  So important.

Cory Bowers:  It can bring a challenge the further you get back. From the average white tees – you’re looking somewhere around a 20 handicap – at 6,300 yards, it’s not a very long course. Most people play a tee back. And as you get back towards 7,000 yards at the championship tees, it can be a challenge, but it’s nice. It brings a challenge to every type of golfer.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Founders Club at Pawleys Island.

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