Augmented Reality, Launch Monitors and Sunglasses with Speakers: 5 Cool New Golf Products

The 2023 PGA Merchandise Show, the industry’s annual pow-wow that brings folks together from every corner of the golf business, is in the books.

More than 1,500 exhibitors from across the globe piled into the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., to get a glimpse of the latest, greatest and craziest the golf industry has to offer. Your faithful correspondent logged countless miles walking the convention center floor to compile a list of some of the best new products at the show.

The sore feet were a small price to pay given what was discovered.

– Hands down, the coolest new product at the show was PuttView X, the technology company’s new Augmented Reality glasses that can read any green in the world instantaneously. The glasses calculate distance, break, slope and speed, then overlay putt information such as start line, ball path and contours onto the green. Seriously, the technology is crazy. At $14,480 they aren’t cheap but a groundbreaking product rarely is. (top photo)

– If you are looking for a personal launch monitor, Rapsodo’s new MLM2PRO might be best option. The MLM2PRO provides pro-level data to golfers so they can analyze their swing by monitoring metrics like distance, ball speed, smash factor with data visualization, club gapping, shot dispersion, and more. Cost: $699.99. (pictured right)

– Callaway debuted the 2023 version of its Paradym Driver, complete with a customizable shaft, grip and loft. In the never-ending search for more distance off the tee, the Paradym is engineered with carbon, making it the “current and future of golf,” according to Callaway. Price: $599.99.

– If skin cancer is a concern (and it should be for all of us), check out the Brim Buddy, designed by Dan and Don Sunseri. The Bay Area twins, both of whom have battled skin cancer were told they need to wear a big hat while on the course. The only problem? Both prefer baseball caps. Their solution was to create a large brim with a hole cut in the center, allowing it to fit over a traditional baseball hat and it’s transferrable to other lids. The cost is just $17 and it could help save your life.

– Speaking of cool tech, Revo’s Sonic 1 glasses are near the top of the list. The multifunctional frames allow you to listen to music and take calls while wearing premium sunglasses. The RevoWhisper technology cancels out ambient noise while enhancing your speech, negating the need for an earpiece of any kind. These glasses aren’t cool enough to help you read putts, but they are a great accessory. Cost: $379.00. (pictured right)