A Tip from Natalie Gulbis: How Alignment Sticks Can Help You

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by Golf Trips Staff

On her recent trip to the Grand Strand, LPGA Tour star Natalie Gulbis stopped by Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, to offer some insight into her practice routine. Here, she shows how she integrates the use of alignment sticks into her regimen, and how you can use them to improve your golf game!

As you can see I’m here practicing and I’m practicing my wedges. There’s nothing worse as a golfer than trying to hit a good shot, hitting it solid, having the right club, being prepared to hit it and then hitting it off line. I think any player, regardless your level of handicap, can benefit from when you’re practicing to put down an alignment stick. It can be an alignment stick or a club.

What I like to do is I keep the stick in my bag even when I play in tournaments. I line it up with my intended target, whether it’s with the wedge or with the driver. Then for the 10 or so shots when I’m hitting at that, I line up my club head, I line up my stance, my shoulders, and I also work on swinging down that way.

I hope that tip helps you with your wedges and hope it lowers your golf score. Good luck with your golf game!

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