5 Can’t-Miss Golf Gifts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day isn’t a real holiday, but it usually makes for a good weekend. You get to spend quality time with the kids, it should be a get out of jail free card to hit the course, and best of all, you can ask for a golf-related gift (or buy yourself one).Short Par 4 Box

The best Father’s Day gift is always a Myrtle Beach golf trip, but you already know that, so here are five other gifts that should be near the top of your list.

– If Dad’s wardrobe is lacking, a Short Par 4 subscription box might be the ideal gift.
There are multiple options, ranging from the Fairway ($54.95) to the Executive ($109.95) memberships, and they all over deliver on the value equation. Pro tip: getting a box delivered every other month might be your best bet, allowing you to enjoy a steady influx of new clothes while keeping the price down. (Pictured right)

– The great thing about golf is that all of us are trying to get better, and the Blast Swing & Stroke Analyzer provides the data you need to improve, assuming the Old Man isn’t afraid of state-of-the-art technology. Blast provides real-time info on every aspect of your game from tee to green, even analyzing air swings. For $179.95, the Blast Swing & Stroke analyzer provides a treasure trove of information you can use to enhance your game.

– Like everything else in life, the price of golf balls has been on the rise, highlighting the appeal of Vice, a direct-to-consumer option that delivers high quality balls at a value price. The Vice Pro ($39.99) has tested favorably compared to the game’s leading brands, and they are $15 cheaper per dozen than Pro V1s. Even better, if you order five dozen Vice Pros, the price dips to $32.99 per dozen. Great balls at a great price are a win for everyone.

– A quality yardage book can save you strokes and PuttView’s yardage and greens maps ($49.95) are the best in the game, and it’s not particularly close. Puttview Books include carry and run out distances, penalty to penalty width, among other features, and the topographic greens maps are accurate down to the millimeter and easy to read. If you want a high-quality yardage book, PuttView is the place to go.

– After a day on the course, sometimes you need a cold drink, which brings us to the golf ball ice mold. You can get a two-pack made by the Original Whiskey Ball ($19.95), giving you an excuse to spend a few extra minutes with Dad recounting your latest round.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy Father’s Day on and off the course.