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Legends Golf Resorts - Moorland Course

Legends Golf Resorts - Moorland Course

The Moorland Course at Legends Golf & Resort was opened in 1990 by world-renowned golf course designer P.B. Dye. Since its opening, the Moorland course has received several awards including “Top 10 New Courses of 1990,” ranking #37 on Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Toughest Courses in America” in 2007, 4 ½ stars in Golf Digest’s “Places to Play” in 2007 and 2009, and the Zagat Survey in 2003 and 2009 as one of “America’s Top Golf Courses.” 1-866-694-2448 $$$
1500 Legends Road Myrtle Beach, SC
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The Moorland Course at Legends Golf & Resort was opened in 1990 by world-renowned golf course designer P.B. Dye.  Since its opening, the Moorland course has received several awards including “Top 10 New Courses of 1990,” ranking #37 on Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Toughest Courses in America” in 2007, 4 ½ stars in Golf Digest’s “Places to Play” in 2007 and 2009, and the Zagat Survey in 2003 and 2009 as one of “America’s Top Golf Courses.”

The signature hole at Moorland is the short par 4 16th hole.  It’s a drivable par 4 but the green is surrounded by a large waste area appropriately named “Hell’s Half Acre.” This hole is risk-reward golf at its best. You can make anything from an eagle to a snowman.  Another fun hole is the par 5 2nd, which can be reached in two shots by a well-placed tee shot. This hole is well protected by bunkering and water down the right side and the second shot is hit into a blind landing area. This is one of several blind shots presented to the golfer throughout their round.

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Golfer (Myrtle Beach, SC)


I really don't like Dye type courses since I feel they are just tricked up

Jack (Orangeville, Ontario)


The starter was excellent, helped us pick the correct tees for an excellent round of golf



Fair & Balance (local) Classic Dye design that will be a challenge to any player. Elevation changes and well guarded greens will cost you if you are not careful. Do not start your golf package with this course :)! My only negative today would be the patchy greens. Play the appropriate T's and you will have a great day.

Mike (Oneida,NY)


This is a beautiful course and the Legends Clubhouse is beautiful also. Staff very friendly. This is a difficult course because of the elevation changes especially around the greens. There was a 30mph wind the day we played and this definitely added to the difficulty. A lot of walking even if playing 90 deg. rule, so seniors with issues beware. The greens were in good shape. Only complaint and we have run into this several times on this course. The people working on the course will be right in the middle of a fairway and refuse to move. We even told a young man that it wasn't safe and he stated they were told by management not to move for groups teeing off.



Another long outing, again round played close to 5 1/2 hours. We played the front in 2 hours with another long wait at the turn. Played Legend courses all week with the same problem everyday. Will not play again due to slow play. Courses are very nice but slow play is a day killer



Course was in great shape tee to green considering all the rain they had last night. Not crowded Sunday morning due to anticipation of storms. No rain so round went pretty fast. Always love playing this course. Challenging, but fair. Play the appropriate tees. No need to make it harder than it already is. Lots of risk reward holes.



Played the Moorland and Parkland. How can 2 courses at the same facility be so different? The Moorland course was beautiful, great rolling greens and mostly weed free fairways and tees. Parkland was more weeds than grass in fairways, many bare spots and we weren't told about aerification.

Richard (Wilmington, NC)


Can't beat the price since it includes breakfast and lunch!



Played Parkland and Moorland in the same day and our group was on the course for over 11 hours. It was the absolute slowest round ever with a couple groups running amok. Legends just packs them in and I am not they are concerned with the experience of the players. True, it includes the breakfast and lunch deal but the playing experience ensures our group won't be back anytime soon.

Alan (The Woodlands, TX)


Great staff, very helpful and friendly will definitely make Legends a stop on next visit.



We played on an extremely breezy day making golf difficult on a difficult course. But this is a top course at Myrtle Beach. The starter got us early and with the breakfast and lunch deal, it's a great day. We'll be back.

Brian (Upland, IN)


Excellent complex.

Larry (Knoxville, TN)


Enjoyed it.

Rene (Laval, QC)


Very good.

J (Minneapolis, MN)


Disappointed in the Starter staff. Had to wait almost 30 minutes past our tee time to get on the course. Staff not prepared to accommodate golfers. Spent too much time fooling around with each other, rather than making every effort to accommodate their clients. Had to wait for carts because the course did not prepare and plan for their business that day. Pace was slow.

Tom (Erie, PA)



M (Cary, NC)


These three courses were way too hard for all but a few in our group. Wet conditions requiring path only didn't help. Parkland had too many tricked up holes and the yardage book was often of little help. I would not play these courses again

Bob (Toms River, NJ)


I played The Legends Heathland course many years ago and was struck by its beuty and condition. This year I played the Moorland course, and while it is without a doubt a beautifully designed track, I was disappointed in the condition of its fairways as well as its tees. I understand that Myrtle Beach courses get heavy play, I just wonder if it would be possible with three full 18's, to alternately limit play on each course so as to allow the courses time to recover. Also, the apparent abandoned trailer on the back 9, 16th I believe, was an eyesore.



Great course but beware of 5 1/2 hour round. Greens in great shape.



I always like playing at this facility. 3 courses and great amenities.

David (Saint Augustine, FL)



Dee (Severn, MD)


Moorland is a favorite. Have to know the course, or ride up and take a look. There are some tricky shots which need to be placed, particularly on the par 5 ##2 with the split fairway and water on the right side. The course is a typical Dye with bunkers, narrow fairways, and railroad ties. You have to really think through your course management and each shot--don't just grip-it-and-rip-it or you'll rack up the strokes. A great risk-reward course, but sometimes the safe shot is the smarter. Great pro shop and grill. The grill has lots of selection and the waitresses move quick and will accommodate you if you're on the turn or between rounds. The only reason I rated it a 9 and not 10 is it is always busy and noisy. This resort has a lot of play and there are just a lot of people there. Your greens fees usually includes lunch, breakfast and 2 drinks, so it's a deal. You have to try the Moorland course once. You will either hate it or love it!

Steven (Pearland, TX)


Great layout, fun and challenging, excellent conditions.

Mike (Sewell, NJ)


Really great

Gene (Ionia, MI)



Steve (St Davids, ON)



John (Calgary, AB)


The course was in fantastic condition and with breakfast and lunch included its a deal that can't be beat.

Rusty (Greenville, SC)



Dennis (Charleston, SC)





I don't get the poor reviews. This is fantastic golf. The tee boxes are well-placed to accommodate golfers of all ability. This doesn't have to be a crusher unless you want it to be. Fairways are wide, which is greatly appreciated. The greens are a challenge as well as their complexes. Pay attention to pin position on the approach. If you're wrong, you're in trouble. You really need to think your way around the course, which I enjoy greatly. Great deal too, including breakfast, lunch and two drinks.




Charles (Rockland, MA)


Fairways were a little less than perfect due to recent rain

Stephen (Walpole, MA)


I played with my wife. Men's tee boxes in very good shape. Woman's tee boxes not as nice - one or two were on the fairway, some very small and not very level. Felt more emphasis put on men tees vs. woman's tees. This was for the three Legends courses. We played 5 courses all together. Heritage and Oyster Bay were the other two. General sense was that OB and Heritage were better aligned for woman's tee boxes. Everything else from all 5 courses rated superior to us. If we had to choose a favorite, it was Heritage. We really appreciate all the hospitality offered by this group of courses...we'll be back. Steve and Margaret McCarthy

Stan (Oshawa, ON)


It was 30 to 40 minutes behind tee-off times---very poorly run.The course was very good but for three holes that were tricked up---short drive to blind hole VERY deep bunkers.



For your information Just got back from a 4 night / 3 day golf trip to Myrtle Beach. My foursome played the legends moorland course on Thursday, the Barefoot Fazio course on Friday and legends Oyster bay course on Saturday. I thought you might be interested in how all this played out. Of course, you might not care at all. BUT…. Playing at the moorlands was an out and out disaster. Double teeing all three courses was a golfing fiasco. Practice range was closed until 11 am ( my t-time was 12:12 ) so when it opened – seemed like a million golfers tried to hit practice balls with no space available for ½ of them. Man, were they upset. The free lunch provided seemed like a great idea except there were not enough servers to handle everyone converging on the restaurant at the same exact time - so my group - and I am sure others - just said the heck with lunch – couldn’t even get a bottled water in the restaurant. Since ¾ of the carts were out for the morning double tee – there were not enough carts to get to the practice range- so no one was allowed a cart at all - so again – hundreds of golfers were either caring their bags the 1,000 yards to the practice range or fighting one another to get on the one shuttle provided to mule us over to the range. It was utter chaos. Trying to get practice balls out of the machine was next to impossible. The 5 ½ hour golf round could have been so nice - as the course was very nice - but waiting every hole and every shot produced a bad experience for everyone on the course - when it could have been so nice. Next, playing the Fazio course was a breath of fresh air. The 4 ½ hour golfing experience was exceptional – the course in great shape – with great marshals and a very friendly atmosphere. Hoorah for the Barefoot people. Next up – Oyster Bay. We played this course on Saturday with a t-time at 1:48 pm. There was a scramble tournament in front of us and that was okay. Generally, scramble teams play pretty quick but not this day. Another 5 ½ hour round in 18 knot winds and 55 degree weather. It was dark by the time we got off the course. I spoke with the nice ranger as we played the first 3 holes in 58 minutes and he told me the course was only 10 minutes behind. He was a nice man that spent most of his time jotting down some numbers on a clipboard but he was no marshal. He also said he had tried to get the group 6 holes ahead of us to play faster but he didn’t they were going to. My brother – who is a marshal at his course in Memphis came close to going ballistic – but we stayed calm and quite. At one point – as we were waiting on a t-box – there was one group on the green, one group in the fairway – we were waiting on the t-box – and two groups completely through with their holes were parked behind us waiting for us to hit. Too bad - since the course was in good condition. Incidentally – so you might not think I am complaining because of the course being difficult or anything like that – I shot a 77. A 77 or no 77 – this golfing experience was absolutely intolerable. In closing, I want you to know – I am sending this letter to golf digest, Myrtle Beach golf association, the golf pass, the local discount golf vendors, your home office and trip and anyone else I can scream to how awful the management is at your participating courses. I am glad I did not try to play the Heritage or any of the other Legends courses. I know that spring is a big time money maker for Myrtle Beach and I hope you made some money for this week but you should be ashamed as to what you put these golfers through to play a simple round of golf. Thanks you for your time and attention to this matter Dr. Steven A. Jaworski

James (Dublin, OH)


Greens way too slow. Very disappointed for the amount of money spent. Will not play again.



Played this course in late March on a very cold, windy day. Course layout was interesting, but the condition was poor. Very thin grass in fairways, and too many sand and bald spots on greens. The course ranger had an odd sense of humor. For the price paid, I can't understand why yardage books or carts with GPS are provided. About the only bright spot was the 2 free drink, and sandwich after the round. We will not be back here for a long time.

Gary (Chocowinity, NC)



Kevin (Syracuse, NY)


We had a group of 5 and we sent off as a fivesome with no choice. While on the tee, we were delayed by a photographer with a serious language barrier for group photos. While on the course we were pressured to keep up with the group ahead of us, even though they were 1.5 holes ahead of us when we teed off and they were a threesome, and the group behind us was more than a full hole behind. We were forced to skip ##10 and then wait behind 2 groups to play it afterwards. Worst golf experience in 10 years of playing in MB.



If you can avoid this course do so at all cost! Stayed and played all 3 courses at the Legends last week. The fairways were painted and the greens(if you want to call them that)were in horrible condition.



Too many funky holes for our liking. 450 yard par-4, then a 445 yard par-5. 222 yard par 3, them a 225 yard par 4 with too many obstacles for our liking. You have to know this course well and hit the ball well to have any chance at scoring well. Off our list for next year.



Visually one of the nicest courses there is. However it was in the worst condition of all the legends courses. Greens were painted and all different speeds. Fairways were terrible. Tough course and when you have those conditions just not a good combination. Very unfortunate.




Jack (Huntington. NY, 12 handicap)


The fairway and green are very good. Too much artificial spread paint was used around the green. It looks so cheap!!! However, the course is challenging and fun to play.



We played it on 1/24/13 and had a great time. The temperature dropped and the winds blew hard on the back nine to make it very hard to score but the course was in good shape. Fairways were thick greens were very puttable. Pete Dye made some devilish holes here. A number of greens are like trying to chip to a mountain top and if you don't make a very good shot, you'll be chipping again. This is the best of the Legends courses by far. We will return.

Bob (Lansdale, PA)


Difficult. Very challenging course.

Peter (Fairfield, CT)


I liked the layout though it was very different. The conditions of Moorland were not as good as Parkland.

Mark (Cumming, IA)



John (Newport News, VA)


Very good.



Very good.

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