Grande Dunes Resort Club Prepared for Fall Golf

Meredith:            Today we are at the beautiful Grand Dunes Resort Club and joining me is head golf professional Joe Dipre. Joe thanks for having us out.

Joe:                       Thank you for coming Meredith.

Meredith:            Well I’m looking around here and this course is in phenomenal shape. Your maintenance crew they’re right next to us working on the putting green. Now they’ve been working 24/7 around the clock to get this course back in tour shape quality. I know we had a little cool winter with mother nature but tell us about all the exciting things you’re doing here at Grand Dunes.

Joe:                       Yeah, so this winter we obviously had some cold weather issues. Currently the course is in fantastic shape. We were able to do some sodding on some of our greens so they’re back to tour quality. We also had some work done on some of the tee boxes and some of the fairways and roughs. Brett Whitson has done a fantastic job getting the course back into shape.

Meredith:            Yeah, well it looks great so definitely no signs of a cold winter here.

Joe:                       No we’re very proud of the condition it is in today and we look forward to having a great fall.

Meredith:            Yeah, and I noticed behind me is the beautiful clubhouse. And y’all did a little upgrade on it.Grande Dunes 18th Green

Joe:                       Yeah we were closed for aerification this summer. We were able to do a total paint job around the exterior as well as some changes to color. It’s just really good right now.

Meredith:            Yeah. I mean it looks really great and as one of my favorite things about coming here at Grand Dunes because after a round you get to sit outside on this beautiful veranda here, you can have a nice lunch, the food is amazing. I do want to tell our viewers about the food here because the chicken salad … well I actually would just drive here to eat the chicken salad.

Joe:                       We’re very proud of our dining facility. Mary Joe food and beverage manager does a great job. Patrick is our chef. All the females, all the ladies back in the snack bar their attitudes are great, they treat everyone with that southern hospitality.

Meredith:            Absolutely.

Joe:                       We really appreciate what they do for us. The food is fantastic. Please come out, lunches. The atmosphere itself very positive, high energy, just a great place to have a salad like you said.

Meredith:            Yes I love it here at Grand Dunes. Now if somebody wants to call and book, I know you can go to, can they call you directly?

Joe:                       They can. Give our pro shop a call at 843-315-0333. All the assistant professionals are equipped with booking your golf vacation or at least a round of golf here at Grand Dunes.

Meredith:            Absolutely. And if you want the best rates again go to I want to conclude on this, today when I pulled up in the parking lot you guys were unloading brand new golf carts that is going to include GPS. And these carts, let me tell you, are fantastic. I was styling in Profiling when I drove up in one.

Joe:                       That’s right. We’re very proud to bring Yamaha in here. They’re a fantastic golf cart. They’re going to all be equipped with GPS here in about four weeks. The carts are here today. In about four weeks from now the GPS systems will be installed. We’re very excited about having Yamaha as a partner of ours, and look forward to having a much comfortable round of golf. Their carts are actually bigger than the typical golf cart, dual suspension so the ride’s very smooth. Everything about them is state of the art and we’re very excited to have them on board.

Meredith:            Yeah. Well that’s awesome Joe. You guys are always raising the bar here at Grand Dunes Resort Club. So excited to be out here. Thanks for having us. And folks, we want you to come join us here at Grand Dunes Resort Club, you’ve gotta come out here and play this course and check out their great chicken salad.

Grande Dunes Resort Club 9th Hole

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