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Meredith On the Loose with the GolfBoard

In the latest installment of her “On the Loose” series, Myrtle Beach golf ambassador Meredith Kirk shows us what it’s like to experience the latest craze in recreational golf: the GolfBoard!

Hey, everyone, it’s Meredith! Today I’m at TPC Myrtle Beach, and I’m getting ready to play this course from a whole new perspective.

Check it out - it’s the GolfBoard!

I am so excited about this. I have a little bit of a surfing background, so this is going to be a lot of fun. I’ve heard a lot about this, and have actually taken this a few times around the 18th hole to get ready. So, I’m feeling good about it and can’t wait to get out there on the course.

Come with me, and let’s go check it out!

“GolfBoard leaves 77 percent less footprint (on the golf course) than a golf cart,” says GolfBoard’s Todd Barlow. “It’s four-wheel-drive positraction, so you can take it basically anywhere on a golf course - and there are a lot of places you can take a GolfBoard that you can’t take a cart.”

I had so much fun, I cannot get enough of the GolfBoard! I’m truly amazed at how much fun it is. I was a little nervous, thinking, “OK, well, I weigh less than 120 pounds, how am I going to move this machine around?” But really, you just get your body into it and go with the hills … it’s so easy to operate. As I got more comfortable, I was making a little bit tighter turns and going in between trees … the mobility became much easier as I went along.

If you want to check out the GolfBoard here in Myrtle Beach, visit TPC Myrtle Beach or give them a call at 843-357-3399!

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