Ho, Ho, Ho! Your 2019 Golf Christmas Gift Guide

Halloween is in the rearview mirror and Thanksgiving is on the horizon, so that can only mean one thing: our consumer driven society is ready to turn its attention to Christmas shopping.

Relying on personal experience and an unmatched ability reach all corners of the internet, here is our 2019 golf Christmas gift guide.

–As a famed commercial once proclaimed, “Chicks dig the long ball,” and so do golfers. If you are looking to squeeze a couple more yards out of your tee shot, the TaylorMade M6, featuring Speed Injected Twist Face technology, is your best bet. Don’t believe me? Ask Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson, all of whom are using the M6. The club is currently retailing for $499.

— Golf has been known to drive people to drink, and if your swing goes off the rails, Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers (complete with dimples!) will ensure your favorite beverage doesn’t suffer a similar fate. The chillers are only $24.95 and make for a perfect golf trip accessory.

— If you want to deliver the ultimate Christmas gift, get someone (or yourself) a Myrtle Beach golf trip in 2020. The Founders Group All-Inclusive package, which starts at $55 per day, allows players to choose among 22 of the area’s best courses, including TPC Myrtle Beach and King’s North, and it provides free range balls, lunch and two draft beverages of your choice. There isn’t a better combination of quality and value.

— Who needs the guys at the drop to clean your clubs when you can do it yourself? The Caddy Clean All in One Club Cleaner comes complete with a spray bottle, non-scratch scrub pad and a brass brush, allowing golfers to clean grooves without wearing them down. It’s an incredibly efficient product and costs just $30.

— The editors at Lifewire.com independently researched and tested rangefinders and determined the Precision Pro Golf NX7 was the game’s best, measuring distances to within 1/10th of yard in accuracy. Best of all, it’s $200 price tag is more than reasonable for a rangefinder that locks onto its target in less than a second.