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Meredith Offers Up a Golf Club “Challenge”

During her recent visit to Grande Dunes Resort Club, Myrtle Beach golf ambassador Meredith Kirk had a unique way of welcoming a group of visiting golfers from Texas. This is part one of her golf club “challenge” – let’s see how they did!


Meredith: All right guys, this is the challenge, one shot, one green, and one club. Let's see if they can do it.


Golfer 1: It's a little baby club. I mean it's teeny tiny.


Golfer 2: (Takes a running swing and a miss) We get re-do’s, right?


Meredith to Golfer 3; OK, there’s one quick catch – one quick catch (shows off the miniature club).


Golfer 3: You mean I have to use this?


Golfer 2: (Takes a second running swing an a miss)


Golfer 3: (Tries kneeling, then swatting down to reach the ball; ultimately shanks ball off to the right)


Golfer 2: We get re-do’s, right? (Takes a third running swing; ball dribbles off to the right)


Meredith (laughing): That was awesome!

Golfer 1: You have to keep the eye on the ball is what you have to do. I kind of want to just like one-hand it. Can I do that?

Meredith; Yeah, do whatever you want.

Golfer 1: (Swings and misses one-handed)

Golfer 1: I can't do that steady, I feel like ...

Golfer 1: (Swings a second time with both hands, hits ball; shot splashes in water just short of the green)

Meredith: Oh my gosh!

Golfer 1: Oh, no way! That was awesome!

Meredith: We are having a ton of fun out here and so can you, so give us a call at Myrtle Beach Golf Trips!

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