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Founders Club: One of Myrtle Beach Golf’s Most Unique Designs

Meredith:           We are at the Founders Club in Pawleys Island, and joining me is head golf professional Eric Glosick. Eric, thanks for having us out today.

Eric:                        You're very welcome. Thanks for being out here today.

Meredith:           It's a beautiful course.

Eric:                        It is.

Meredith:           Here on the southern end of Myrtle Beach.Founders Club 18th Hole

Eric:                        It is, yes.

Meredith:           Tell us a little bit about Founders Club.

Eric:                        Well, Founders Club ... we're actually built on top of the old Seagull Golf Course, which actually ... the Seagull is the fourth oldest golf course on the Strand. We were built in 1966, and about 10 years ago, they closed it down, and they revamped it. And then, Thomas Walker did a remodel of the golf course, and we reopened in 2008 as Founders Club. They moved 270 thousand cubic feet of dirt-

Meredith:           That's a ton.

Eric:                        It is, to create elevation changes, mounding, sloping fairways to truly make this a unique style golf course. They also ... you can see kind of here behind us here, we've got a lot of waste areas on the golf course, which ... those are what we use as cart paths. We're very ... cart paths are very kept to a minimum. We only have them on a couple holes here, which creates a very natural, almost seaside feel to the golf course.

Meredith:           Yeah, I love it. And the mounds ... it's amazing. I mean, seeing this on the southern end of Myrtle Beach is really unique.

Eric:                        It is.

Meredith:           Because you don't get this on the southern edge.

Eric:                        You don't.

Meredith:           Having these mounds.Founders Club 17th Tee

Eric:                        You don't, nope. The mounding, the elevation changes is very definitely unique to us here at Founders Club. It really creates a visually striking golf course. It's very ... it has a lot of beautiful views.

Meredith:           Now, in the course, before the renovation 10 years ago, did the course have the mounds? Or were those added in the renovation?

Eric:                        It did not. It was a very traditional style of golf course. It was very flat, so when they came in and they moved all that dirt to create the mounding and the elevation changes.

Meredith:           Oh, that's great. And it's probably great for golfers, who don't really care for the cart path only, right?

Eric:                        Right.

Meredith:           I bet you get a lot of good drainage out here.

Eric:                        We do, yep, again, with the waste bunkers. And you can ride either side of the fairways, so if we do happen to be cart path only, you can go either way to your golf ball. You're not stuck to one side of the hole and half to walk across the fairway. But we do have ... we are very sand based, so we are very rarely cart path only.

Meredith:           Now, this course is great for multiple types of players.

Eric:                        Yes.

Meredith:           Because you have five different tees.

Eric:                        We do.

Meredith:           And what are those yardages?

Eric:                        Like you said, we have five different tee boxes, so you can start all the way forward at 4,800 yards and move it back to just over 7,000 yards.

Meredith:           That's great.

Eric:                        So really, high handicapper, low handicapper, we can accommodate all types of players, and you can take off as much as you want to bring in the challenge you want.

Meredith:           Right, and I love having those options, especially for the junior golfers and the ladies. Founders Club is a very player-friendly course-

Eric:                        It is.

Meredith:           Open to everyone.

Eric:                        Oh, yeah.


Meredith:           And also, the proximity is only about a half mile to Pawleys Plantation.

Eric:                        We're just down the street from Pawleys, yeah.

Meredith:           Yeah, it's great. So if you're coming down to play golf on the southern end of the Waccamaw Golf Trail, you've got to check out Founders Club. And also, you can play some other courses like Pawleys Island. We have River Club.

Eric:                        River Club, Litchfield, Willbrook.

Meredith:           Willbrook, some really beautiful courses here on the southern end. Now, if somebody wants to book with you, where can they go?

Eric:                        The best place to go is foundersclubpawleysisland.com.

Meredith:           Okay. And also, if you go to myrtlebeachgolftrips.com, if you're looking to book your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation and wanting to play some of the southern end courses in Myrtle Beach, you can check out Founders Club and some other courses. It's really beautiful out here.

Eric:                        It is. Yes, it is.

Meredith:           Yeah. Well, thanks for having us out, and we would love to have you come out here to Founders Club and play with us.


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