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River Oaks Golf Plantation


Having undergone a $2.2 million renovation package that removed trees, updated bunkers and implemented Champion UltraDwarf greens, River Oaks Golf Plantation has increased play five-fold from several years back, and for good reason. Locals have returned to River Oaks in droves, taking advantage of the three nines – Bear, Otter and Fox – on the Gene Hamm and Tom Jackson design. The course recently received an overall rating of 5.8 from reviewers at Myrtle Beach Golf Insider, with even higher marks for staff, grill and pro shop.

Those renovations are apparent, and they’ve added a playability factor here. The 4,600 or so trees that were removed opened up the course, and in burying some of the remaining stumps, it left a mounding effect on several of the holes, adding to the 6,300 yards (white tees) or 6,800 (championship tees) any combination of the three nines averages out to play. Players can pull out the driver on every par 4 and par 5 hole, and the openness of the course allows for a forgiving feel off the tee. No. 1 on Otter is a perfect example. The par-5, 524-yard hole has water lining the left of the fairway, but the landing area is wide and the a true roll can leave most average hitters going for the green on the second shot. The Fox nine opens in similar fashion. The 536-yard par 5 has one of the widest fairways on the course, before closing up near a green protected by four bunkers. The closing hole on Bear is true to that nine’s name. The 547-yard requires a monster tee shot before bending around a small lake on the approach.

Located just outside Myrtle Beach city limits off U.S. 501, River Oaks Golf Plantation sits just moments from the heart of the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach International Airport.

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Bob F.


River Oaks is an average course for Myrtle Beach that only has an upside with a little bit more maintenance. I do not agree with the rating of 2 seen on the reviews as there are other courses far worse than River Oaks. The 27 hole layout offers a great day of golf for those that want to play more than 18. Of the three courses, the Bear is the most challenging due to its narrow fairways. Fox and Otter are nice layouts that are a little easier. Tees, fairways, and green maintenance could be stepped up a notch to make the course above average. Care of the course outside the tees, fairways, and greens, such as rough areas, and areas off there fairways where higher handicap players will find themselves could be stepped up 2 notches. A plus for the social aspect were the nice padded chairs out on the back porch of the clubhouse to hang out between rounds or after your round.



This course is in horrible shape. Around the greens was the only place that had been watered. The fairways were like concrete, and the rough had clumps of crabgrass sticking out. It was like the maintenance crew was on vacation. Tee boxes were so hard I thought I would sprain my hand putting the tee in. Clubhouse is nothing to write home about. People were very rude. It was very disappointing, as when we booked it 2 weeks before, it had a 8.5 rating, and great reviews. Now, I wouldn't even give it a 4.

John (East Liverpool, OH)


The staff were very friendly and helpful. The course lacked imagination and the greens were not to my liking.



Fun course. Conditions are very good for the price paid.

Kenneth (Apex, NC)


Greens in awful shape ... played with my son who is 14 ...

Charles (Galloway, NJ)


Pace of play was great.

Logan (Halifax, NS)


I had a good experience and the staff was great.

Brian (Lillington, NC)


Only good thing about River Oaks was the bag drop, the guy was very nice. Greens were in bad shape, pro shop had nothing and unfriendly. I would never go back even if it was free.

Philip (Lake Orion, MI)


Enjoyed playing this course. It was in good condition.

Mike (Mississacqau, ON)


Too many leafs not the course.

M/M John (Wasaga, ON)


Very good.

Dan (Hephzibah, GA)


This place was a swamp. Standing water and mud holes throughput. I will never be back.

Don (Chambersburg, PA)



Don (Lynbrook, NY)


The condition of the course was fair. Our group found the greens not in the greatest condition. The group did not like this course and we will not play it on future trips to Myrtle Beach.

Bill/ Beth (Bridgeton, NJ)


I played well on this course. We played the Otter course and then the Fox. Communities surrounding the course were very nice. This course is very well maintained.

Bob (Pequannock, NJ)



Don (Greer, SC)


Not a good track. Boring. Lower class by far in the portfolio. Attack of the condos on the first 5 holes of Otter. All I remember is the bridges and not wanting to eat there.

Kevin (Myrtle Beach, SC)


Course - especially the greens were in terrible condition. The course should not even be open - I am a local and likely will not be back anytime soon. I felt cheated of my money.

Kevin (Arlington, VA)



Gordon (New Castle, ON)


Below average

Christian (Greenbay, WI)


Will not go back to River Oaks. Did not appreciate the practical joke on hole ##2 on the Fox course. My tee shot landed somewhere on the right side of the fairway near the out-of-bounce area where there are homes located. When I bent down to pick up a golfball I got drenched by a spinkler/hose that was triggered by touching a golfball lying on the ground near a fence.

Bruno (Pittsburgh, PA)



Carlos (Jasper, GA)


Bunkers not maintained. Playing behind a fivesome. I did not like the manner in which I was ask if I wanted to join another party.

Johnny (Providence, NC)



Tim (Aberdeen, NC)


Good low end course. Needs a little manacuring but fun to play. Greens were good.

Bill (Clark, NJ)



Allen (Raleigh, NC)



Brooks (Palm Bay, FL)



Gary (Mentor, OH)


OK to average course - layout OK, but it was not kept up as well as the other courses we played. Very average club house, but the staff were nice. Very dry and it was almost like you were playing on cement in some areas. Greens were hard & fast; probably would not return.



Needs improvement

Bethanne (Marshfield, MA)


Once again decent lay out but not in great condition



The Otter was absolutely fabulous. The Fox has highly compacted turf and is hard to hit off. Poor yardage markers system.

Paul (Moosic, PA)



Jack (Huntington. NY)


Won't play here's hacker's heaven! good for warm up round before good courses.

Arthur (Nepean, ON)


Didn't enjoy this course at all was in pretty rough shape all over.

Ed (Justice, IL)



John (Newport News, VA)


Very good fairways & greens.

Bill (Locust Grove, VA)


Very good.

Richard (Lawrence, MA)


Very good.

Cecil (Wilkesboro, NC)



Don (Little River, SC)


Very good.

Dennis (Terre Haute, IN)


All good.



Played yesterday and would do so again. Great price to play a pretty challenging course with good fairways and generally good greens.

Mike (Waldorf, MD)


Good staff, course condition bad.

Jeff (Woodbridge, VA)


Very good.

Deb (Lenoir City, TN)


Sand traps needed attending.

Paul (Philadelphia, PA)


Only 3 miles from airport. Landed at 2:10 p.m., was on the course at 3 p.m. and was able to finish the round! What more could you ask for when paying $33 for the last-minute round? Just call the day before to get that rate directly from them. Plus it was challenging. A great warmup round for the rest of the trip. Call it a bonus round.

Richard (East Hartford, CT)



Richard (South Windsor, CT)



Jerry (Huntington, IN)



Gerald (Manchester, CT)



Frank (Randallstown, MD)


Very good.

Al (Arnold, MD)



Mickey (Elkdridge, MD)



Rick (La Plata, MD)


The greens were long the day we golfed, but were cut later, and were much better. Very nice course.

Edward (Brighton, MI)


Worst golf course we ever played down there in the 15 years we been going down there.

Paul (Harrow, Ontario)


The course was very dry.

Wayne (Battle Creek, Mich.)


This course has a nice layout. We asked to play the Otter and that did not happen. This course is in very bad shape and it's not worth the money and would not play there again.

Walter (Sydney, Nova Scotia)


Enjoyed it.



Not bad for the money. Got a great deal on a platinum card. $55 for two rounds at River Oaks, and then significant savings at other affiliated courses for the remainder of the year. First 9 played the Otter 9. Tees were in really good shape, as were the fairways. Rough had not turned green yet, but greens already had a few burnt spots on them. Played the Bear 9 for the back. Again, tees and fairways were in good shape, but the greens had a lot of sand on most of them. Otter 9 was pretty wide open and not as challenging except for a couple of holes near the end that had pretty tough doglegs. Bear 9 was much tougher with more water and much tighter.

Charles (Peabody, Mass.)


Course was acceptable; had a great day.

Marc (Brooklin, Ontario)


Would not play here again. A dog patch, my wife indicated clubhouse washroom was so bad, she was afraid to sit down. Enough said about this course.



Terrible condition. Bare spots and patches all over. Dog track - $20 course at best.

James (Floral Park, N.Y.)


Well maintained, very enjoyable.

C. Philip (Elkton, Md.)


Surprisingly great shape.

Harold (Tecumseh, Ontario)



Chip (Powell, Ohio)


Good variety, good value for price.

Ray (Eden, N.Y.)


Course was in good condition.



Not the worst course I have played. Greens and fairways were OK. Pace of play was slow, but could have been worse. Improvements appear to be in the works. I'll probably give River Oaks another shot in a year.

Ron (Charlottesville, Va.)


Greens sand dressed with a dump truck! Made them hard to putt and lessened enjoyment especially in the rain. Putted sticky balls - they got larger the further they had to roll. Nice older-style course.

Ed (Ocala, Fla.)


Nice greens.

Ron (Milton, Vt.)


Course making a comeback but still needs some work.

Barry (Greensboro, Md.)


Course in good shape - enjoyable round - very limited yardage markers - had 150 in the fairway and sometimes we found the 100 marker - nothing on the sprinkler heads.

Kevin (Brookline, Mass.)


One of my favorites. Nice staff and in real good shape.

Patti (Franklinton, N.C.)



Robert & Mary Ann (Wallingford, Conn.)


I like the layout, it's the first course I played many years ago, I like it.

Paul (Columbia, S.C.)


The money spent on improvements looked great as you drive up to the course. Clubhouse should have been enlarged, instead of driveway area. Front nine needed some cosmetic upgrades, back nine was looking good.

Bill & Trudy (Mount Morris, Mich.)


It was great.



Cart path only when we played. Course does not drain well. No carts allowed to the range. Had to walk from parking lot (about 100 to 125-yard walk). Play extremely slow. No rangering going on at all. Should cost less for the quality.

John (New Windsor, N.Y.)


Look, for the money not a bad course. Played this course on Sunday, May 1. People were very friendly.

Lloyd (Toms River, N.J.)



Jim (Oakville, Ontario)


Course is OK, not bad, not great. No food or drinks in fees. Beer and hot dogs overpriced. A group cut in front of us - they were probably lost, no big deal. Very average experience.

Clare (Smiths Falls, Ontario)


Enjoyed the course. The water added challenge. Better than reviews predicted, and could be even better with more maintenance.

Jim & Sue (Cottage Grove, Minn.)


We did not like anything about this course. The greens were very unfair, if you putted uphill or downhill and did not sink the putt it would roll back down the green and be further away than before. The fairways were like hitting off of dirt. I would not play this course again.

Tom (Barnegat, N.J.)


Greens were terrible. Staff was pleasant. Would not play again.

David (Landisville, Penn.)


Great service and course.

Patrick (Glenville, N.Y.)


This course is an absolute value for the price. The course was in great shape and the staff was absolutely wonderful.

Russell (Kanata, Ontario)


Average layout ... doesn't stand out as a wow.

Art (Wilmington, Del.)


The renovations to Fox + Otter removed a lot of trees and rebuilt the bunkers. The bunkers are very nice now. However, this is still a dumpy course, at the bottom end of MB. It might have some potential to get up to average, if they spend a lot more $. It's an OK course for a local's or sr. cheap rate, but don't bring your annual group there!

Justin (Irwin, Ohio)


OK course; the greens were burnt up but overall good course.

Michael (Holly Springs, N.C.)


(No comments offered).

Gilles (Terrebonne, Quebec)


Greens in poor condition, no indication to reach hole # 1 on the blue course, no starter and too many foursomes at same time on tee off.

Marty (Kitchener, Ontario)


The course is too dried out. Not well maintained. Will not play there again.

John (Erie, Penn.)


We have played before. We knew was not well maintained. But much worse now. Will not play again.

Donna (Pomfret Center, Conn.)


Course was very playable. Expected to find more water on the course, but glad there wasn't.

Derek (Lexington, N.C.)


Course was terrible, greens were bumpy, and taken over by weeds, staff was very unfriendly, like we were bothering them, needs new management.

Edward (Clark, N.J.)


River Oaks was in bad shape.

Jeff (York, Penn.)


Just played Bear/Fox ... Bear wasn't too bad, but I honestly can't believe they are charging money to play Fox. Hard, burnt-out greens, hardly any green grass anywhere, and newly placed sod everywhere. Don't waste your time. Wait till the renovations are done. Wouldn't have been so bad if they would have told us, but the fact they charged full price is just RIDICULOUS!

David (Blackstone, Va.)


Our group rated the four courses after we played the last one. We ranked Eagles Nest 1st, Burning Ridge 2nd, Woodland Valley 3rd and River Oaks last. We all agreed the condition was not an issue at River Oaks, but most of the holes have water that really come into play. This was our first outing and we lost a lot of balls, but we all agreed, we wouldn't want to play it in the summer when we're really playing well. Just not a fun course. Too much like work.



Nice course layout.





Play was ridiculously slow because they put the golf school group in front of us!

Kenneth (Massena, N.Y.)


Front 9 holes were in terrible condition, I was embarrassed to have brought three friends there. Back 9 was OK, but not good. Their third 9 holes were closed for repairs, think they need to close all 27.

Carl (Edgewater, Fla.)


Over seeded & wet so most courses were cart path only. My party played 2 courses before I got there, Possum Trot & River Oaks. We will never go back to River Oaks. Very poor condition.

Karen (Titusville, N.J.)


Not a good experience.Started off with a five some in front. Called the pro shop but it was 30 minutes later until any one responded. By the 14th hole 4 hrs. had gone by. I left the course.!!!

John (Spring Hill, Kansas)


Good course with some challenging holes. Some greens in good shape, some in not so good shape.

Brian (Hamilton, Ontario)


Course needs work.

Greg (Soddy Daisy, Tenn.)


Course was still very wet, staff was very disinterested.

Robert (Richlands, N.C.)


Great course.



Good course to play upon arriving. Easy to access and not overly difficult.



This course has 27 holes but only 18 were open. Only 1 person was handling the pro shop and grill at the same time. We were told we couldn't play another 9 due to large PGA class of 60 going out and they wouldn't make any calls to other courses for us. Service was horrible but the course was in fair shape.

Alex (Anderson, S.C.)


This was the worst round of golf I have ever played. Apparently, they had overbooked the course for some reason. Our tee time was scheduled for 1:30 but we got there early and were able to go a few minutes after 1. We played the first 4 holes in around 35 minutes, but when we got to hole number 5 we had to wait almost 20 minutes to tee off. Holes 5-9 took over 2 hours to play. That means that a round of golf at River Oaks would have taken me between 5 and 6 hours to finish. I was so disgusted about the idea of spending 6 hours on a course that I quit after the first 9. We then went into the clubhouse to see if there was anything we could do, maybe get a voucher or something to come back and play at a later time, but we were told that since we booked online we were not able to receive any help. The excuse we got when we went in was that it was the busiest day of the year. October 8th 2009 ... not Memorial Day, Labor Day, the 4th of July, or any other holiday. If they knew that this was the busiest day of the year, which I don't believe, shouldn't they have been prepared to handle the crowd? As a result of my experience I will never play at River Oaks again and since I can't get any help for any problem that I have because I book online, I will seriously think twice before I use this site again.

Ronald (Enola, Penn.)


The Otter nine having opened the day we played was in excellent condition and a very challenging nine. Enjoyed the experience.

Carla (Berea, Ky.)


It was okay but too much construction going on right now; affordable, though.

Jim (Monroe, N.C.)


Course was in really poor shape. Not a course that I would ever play again.

Mike (Burr Ridge, Ill.)


I like the layout of the three 9's even though the Otter was not playable due to the ongoing repair and tree removal. I would like to play here again when the course is up and running.

Jeremy (East Greenville, Penn.)


Worst course I have played down here. Proshop was bare bones, starter could care less, maitenance crews were always in the way of play, course was in very rough shape from tee to green. Very difficult to find yardage markers. Almost thought about asking for a refund after first 9. Not worth $10, let alone $45, go play miniture golf instead.

Al (Halifax, Nova Scotia)


Won't be back.



Nice course.



The course was a pleasure to play, but the carts and the clubhouse need to be updated. Other than that we had a nice day. We would play again.



Horrible experience, I have never complained about a course condition before. But i went in and explained the the pro shop the issues i/we had. The greens on the fox nine we unplayable. There were sand traps in the greens, it was just bad. The bear course was alright, You live and learn, I/we wont be back to this course.



Decent track but a bit tight,Decent track but a bit tight



We found the River Oaks course to be in very rough shape - lots of brown spots and bare grass on the tee blocks and fairways. It had rained heavily a couple of days before we played - some of the sand traps were still full of water and the sand was packed and gritty in all the bunkers. There are too many hugh bunkers on the course - especially around the greens. Most of the greens are very small. All in all, we would rate this course a 3 out of 10.



Nice golf course. Need more restroom facilities.



Same as above,Same as above



Fun course & close to the airport. Our guys play there for the afternoon round as soon as we land. Don't go in expecting to play TPC Sawgrass, but it's a great little layout and good way to work the cobwebs off the game.





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